Saturday, October 18, 2008

while my juniors are having their heads off....(do enjoy while you still can, guys)

Frustration. Ever try to describe it long enough to make people vomit? No, I haven't. Should I? Since I think in my person I have enough frustration to make me vomit.
Okay, where should I start? Maybe with my own stupidity. Once tricked seems too little to make me aware, and take safety precautions. But no, maybe I'm born to be tricked twice. Like any stupid teenagers.
Phew.... What am I writing here? I should be writing about how scare @ nervous @ butterfly-in-my-stomach I am for the up-and-coming end-of-year exam. But I'm writing about frustation? You can bet it's about a guy. Yeah, it is. God, I thought I'll never be this timid. I guess I am still immature after all..
Alright, let's forget about him already! You are wasting your money paying for the cyber cafe just to write about some jerk! Let's talk about... everlasting friends. Well, for now they are. And I do hope we'll stay friends forever. They are just the person(persons) I'll turn to whenever love bug bites me (and the love bug bites me a lot). Maybe that's just what girlfriends mean; the one you'll pour all your heart's contents to. And I do tell a lot to these people...=p
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