Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out of the blue... (sky, ocean, etc..)

Must have been months, right? ya lah... internet is not available + the time is so very not right for me to be writing a blog post. But something manages to make words creep in my lung thus suck the sentences out of me.
My sweet, sweet teacher Hawa ( is getting married!~(sorry for publishing your blog add at my blog teach, heheh; without permission lak tu). She's like, the sweetest teacher I've ever come across in my life (literally@not). And since she's getting married...

Ok, teacher Hawa. This post is for you.

How did we became close? She was another new teacher in the school for another new day at school for me. I was (my friends call it 'blur', but I always think of it as 'minding my own business) thus the existance of one Cik Hawa Mahmood in TEPCES' compound was not on my radar. I noticed her presence after... maybe two weeks? I don't know. But, the most important thing is that I did noticed her. She should be grateful~hahahah;p. Anyway. She was this bubbly oh-so-very-young-to-be-a-teacher-already teacher that seems to me to be smiling@laughing all the time. But I didn't mind that. She didn't teach me, so I'm cool. She came in my class once, but was very quiet and can't care less about the students so she's still that new-teacher-in-school-I-don't-know-her-name for me.

This went on until ASAT 2008; district level.

I took part in the public speaking competition and I had nobody to help during practice in preparation for the competition. Except for Puan Nor Azahan (my classmate; Sufian's mother) and Puan Sakhirah (teach Hawa's mother~ yes, believe it) that helped me with my speech's points and this ETA...(gosh, what was his name??) from US that helped me with the grammar. And that was all. I was almost like a 'lone ranger'(what's that?) but I pulled through. And on competition day, nobody (except my hostel warden; Ustazah Norzalina) was there to witness my (according to ustazah; was perfectly smooth) speech.
When my speech was done, this new teacher (teach Hawa, of course) came. She was late but she came nonetheless. She's an English teacher so it's sort of her responsibilities?? I don't know.
I won the competition though.

Next destination? Besut, Trg for ASAT 2008; state level.

I thought, this is it. This is the first public speaking competition and the first competition of any kind that I ever entered my whole secondary-school life. I think, it can't get any better than this. I've won district level, and that's good enough for me.
Teach Hawa was following the sportsmen (that won football competition and were going to Besut as well) because those sportsmen were her dearest students. Since she was the only female teacher in the trip (the only female teach from my school that is), I grew fond of her because she was like the saying "there's more than meets the eye". And we did grew close (with another senior of mine, Kak Ikah). Her bubbly personality made it easy for me to feel comfortable around her (and I thought that'll make me despise her). It's hard not to like her. She gets into people like a blanket. Overwhelmed, but still. (You probably don't understand this~to be honest, neither do I). At the end of the competition, we were closer than ever.
You know what? I won. But our football team didn't. So I made my way alone.

Where to? Ipoh, Perak for ASAT 2008; national level.

This time around, me and teach Hawa were already close. She ran whenever she saw me (and AC~actually it's her that teach Hawa ran from, AC can really pinch people) and we can walk hand-in-hand without a bit of weirdness.
But, there was a problem about choosing the teacher to be the in-charge during the competition in Perak a.k.a.; to accompany me. They (I don't know who they are) said teach Hawa can't do the job cause she's a temp teacher. I was upset (obviously, I don't get along with just any teach easily). They gave me teach Norhaneza (whom I've come to learn is also a wonderful teacher) but she was asthmatic and couldn't do the job. They pondered, and gave me Cik Wan Zainon (who reluctantly accept cause she has other school event to attend). I thought; it's cool. Cikgu Wan was my warden a few years back and we got along fine, so we should be fine.
But, on the day to leave for Besut (transit before Perak~alah macam nk pergi London pulak transit kat Taiwan dulu), teach Hawa came to me with a bag of..(her clothes, I guess) and I screamed on top of my lungs. Yay... it's teach Hawa after all. Haha, they can't compete with fate, huhuhu...
So we left. I lost very early in Perak (couldn't even make 2nd round) but we had a good time anyway. We boarded a bus in Ipoh without acknowledging the in-charge of Trg team, we went to Ipoh Parade a few times and watch a movie together. My first time in a 'panggung'. So you can see that she contributed a lot of first times in my life. We spent a night in KL before we headed home; Terengganu. I didn't follow her to go around the city of KL with her friend but I heard it was fun.

This was last year's.

I didn't remember seeing her again this year. Ops, maybe a few early weeks? But then she was gone by the wind. I asked her mother (who is my English teacher this year) and she told me teach Hawa is furthering her studies at USM Kubang Kerian. Hmm... must be nice to have that kind of study spirit. ~just keep swimming! (credit goest to Finding Nemo).

This last few days before you are to be a wife, teach Hawa, please put in your heart that there are many hearts that will always pray for you, your upcoming marriage and your happiness. Those hearts are especially from TEPCES, and especially from me. May Allah bless you and your future husband for fulfilling the sunnah (at least are working towards it, for now). Amin...

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