Thursday, July 26, 2012

so many issues, so much other things to do, so little time

well the most current one would be the one which a 16-year-old married a 14-year-old. at first i was a bit..well clueless as to how serious that really is. (well not 'serious', more like 'bizarre') and then my friend told me:

"the husband is gonna sit for SPM (Malaysia Learning Certificate? probably the correct translation?) and the wife is gonna sit for PMR (Lower-Secondary Assessment? haha. i just made up these translations as i go along :p) next year. eloklah. suami boleh ajar isteri."

and then it hit me BAM! they are only form 4 and form 2! when i was in form 2 i was not even mayyid (Terengganu slang for mumayyiz which means 'mature' or 'of age') yet. okay that's a lie but i'm serious like i was not even..haaaahhhhh...i'm at lost for words that can sufficiently describe my feelings right now. to paint a word for it, i will say that i was mad at my friend (a guy) who is of the same age as i am (20 years old) that got married recently to his 20-year-old girlfriend when both he and his wife is (well was, now) currently waiting for offers from Ministry of Higher Education to further their studies.

i find it INSANE (sorry, harsh) to just gamble (like, literally) your life and try to figure it out as you go. in some aspects, yes, not that you can help it. for example, in class. you just sit there and expect the unexpected. (well, it's better if you study first. that way it wouldn't be so hard for you to grasp it in class). like that friend of mine. what does he expect? a job right after you graduate? in this economy? i'm sorry but unless you're study medic or education in IPG (so far, IPG  grads are promised a job. even if posting might be a little bit late), it's a tough market out there. especially for fresh grads. i know how tough it is. i have five siblings who fought it in their days. some still do.

okay i should stop rambling. one thing i can say to these people who dared to face a commitment this big at such an early age, is that they got GUTS! 

may Allah's guidance and blessings be with you.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

1/2 tiramisu

why 1/2 you say? well mainly because i didn't bake the cake, only did the frosting. haha.

but still, there's a recipe to the frosting so i'm gonna share it here.

250ml whipping cream
200ml cream cheese
1/2 cup fine sugar
1 tablespoon coffee powder (nescafe lah senang cakap)
1 chiffon cake (preferably vanilla-flavoured. but i've been using pandan-flavoured, also fine what..)

so first, the frosting:
1. just mix the whipping cream, cream cheese and fine sugar by using an electric mixer. just..yeah, mix it to your heart's content. (sebati lah, orang melayu kata)
2. there's no step 2.

then, cut the cake in half. take the coffee powder and mix it in a cup of hot water. pour half of the coffee mixture onto the lower half of the cake. put half of the frosting onto it. then, put the other half on top of the frosting-covered cake and repeat the same thing.

garnish with cocoa powder.


sorry tak comel mana. comot-comot je i buat kek ni >.<

oh, oh! got the recipe from some blog but i couldn't remember the link. she's a doctor, studied abroad but now is back in Malaysia and doing her duty to her country. thank you so much for the recipe!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

my first paid job!

one would've thought that my future gig as a teacher would be the first job i'll earn money from but Allah's plans are above all others'.

last saturday was my first paid job. leen's sister (leen is my classmate, wan nurul fadzleen) was getting engaged to her boyfriend of 6 years (yes, i'm know because some of my other classmates were also there, they were asking the future bride questions and i was an eavesdropping busybody) and so leen asked me (well actually, she asked me about a month ago) if i'd be the photographer for the event. and i was like, whaaat?? you sure you want me to do it? not gonna hire a real photographer?

apparently her sister checked out my portfolio (chewaahhh...ada portfolio katanya. padahal album-album dekat fb aja pun) and was pretty okay with me being her photographer. after asking my brother (it is HIS camera, after all) whether or not should i do it, and he'd told me to go for it with condition that i'll try to adopt Adobe Photoshop CS5 into my life -.- and after consideration, i said "yeah, why not. can't hurt."

and so i went to do the job. it was fun! it's one thing to be clicking the camera, it's another thing to get paid doing that! haha. i just hope i'll be able to at least adequately use CS5 soon so that i can give the future bride her photos without much delay. she paid for the photos, after all. this is no "tangkap-tangkap dan upload kat fb for free" anymore. this is a REAL job. so i should get going.

but before that, have a look at a teaser:  

edited this with picasa. still haven't mastered cs5.

and this is the camera that i used &
kak nurul's generous payment :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012


today, a friend made a particularly hurtful comment.

"you have a crush on for lot of people. but none who does for you." (she's a good a friend, it was a good laugh but it hurt me quite a bit.)

and then, after pondering on the comment for a while, i think i'm kind of glad none of the crush did have a crush for me too.

know why?

because i will outgrew them. i like them a while, stay around, see all there is publicly displayed to be seen and i'll find that the guy's not worth my time. so i'll leave and probably already found a new crush.

the thing is, my sister said crushes can be good. crushes are an inspiration. they make you wake up in the morning, all healthy and happy to go face the world.

there's one crush i hope to find when the time has come. my future belahan jiwa. and insya Allah, Allah will never let me outgrew that one!
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