Monday, May 31, 2010

life now is super-bz.

haven't updated this for so long... angah texted me "update ler blog kamu tu. ceritakan pengalaman di pulau pinang."
(sigh) know-lah. that brother of mine. when he updated his, he wants me to update as well. more than ever now that i'm residing somewhere none of my bros @ sis ever reside in before.

pulau pinang is cool. that's my impression after 3 weeks (and counting). a lot of cinema nearby; and that is important since back hometown the nearest would be an hour-drive away. hahaha. (astaghfirullah...niat tu. tengok niat tu balik...hahahaha:D)

had a plan to go to the real pulau (i mean, not that my college is not in pulau pinang, it's that it's not really a pulau. back in the days it was province wellesly @ more glamorously now as seberang perai) but had to cancel when ayah called and said "jangan gi tido rumoh orang. kenal orang berape hari?" good point. can't fight that. (and i am an obedient daughter, don't get me wrong.) to go to the said pulau, one's going to need a couple of days, at least. to take a bus to butterworth, take a ferry to the pulau, tawaf the pulau (maybe catch a movie at queensbay), take a ferry back to butterworth and then take a bus to kepala batas, there's just not enough time to do that before 7pm. so pulau, maybe later with angah...thi thi thi...;p

ahh...i have pictures. i swear! but the comp @ the phone somehow doesn't work (or maybe they don't want to work together). anyhow... the pictures have to wait, ok? got to go. i have like tonnes of work sometimes i don't know where to start. so, adios.

p/s: angah, just kidding k. know u're bz with work, gal and stuff. come down here when u r real free:)

Friday, May 7, 2010

fallin'...i'll keep movin' though.

this sucks.
i can't. i can't. i can't.
i keep reminding myself.
i can't.
let us let the recent past be our last memory.
@ at least until i can get a grip.
(why i can't though still is a mystery)
he will say; "Your sisterhood bond is too strong!"
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