Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have always find my blogspot as a medium for me to pour my heart out, without restriction, unconditionally. But today, that just can't happen. For whatever reason that I'm not going to write down here. Now and never.
Enough about me.
Today, my friends came to my house for the Hari Raya visit. The lads (wah, very the British) were Abu, Azwan, Zul, Shahrafi and Muzammil. Sure hope I don't misspell any of these guys names! Their visit was brief but it was for them to know where my house is located. I've been telling them I lived in some remote jungle, that's why their visit of curiosity was inevitable.
I served them with bubbly drinks (no, no, it's not red wine). Abu was eating and eating with no intention of stopping, until he's about full I guess. Haha. Sorry Abu.
Azwan was hiding behind Abu's big shadow. What's up? I heard his voice but little of his image.
Zul was very cold. All cool and stiff. I wonder why?
Shahrafi was exceptionally silent. Not his usual self, I can say.
And Muzammil? He's all smiles. Less talk. Not that it's unusual. He's been called in class as orang yang berselimut (person wrapped in blanket). You do the math.
I've always received male friends as visitors on Hari Raya. I guess my ladies friends were all busy being a good hostess, just like I was. Although if it's not my friends I won't be very busy then. Haha. Typical last child.
Sorry about the bulls***. I gotta write something.
Thank you so much Abu, Azwan, Zul, Shahrafi and Muzammil for coming. There is one additional thank for Shahrafi, for the reason I will let only him know. But I think he knows.
About the Eiffel Tower, that's where I want to go visit someday and this is a post about my friends' visit. See what I mean?
Whatever guys. Happy holidays. But it's coming to a rapid end for all form fivers I guess. I'm checking into the hostel. So, my fellow bloggers, so long!

credit : photo taken from Thank you Mr. Raju.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The big day and its rush

Before I start to ramble about anything, let me begin this post politely with; "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin."
Okay, that's done with. If you would look at the stereotype phrase up there, has it ever occured to you who came up with it the first time? Genius. Simple yet the meaning of the speaker come across quickly.
Speaking of getting the meaning across quickly and safely, do you know that Terengganu dialect do just that in Malay language? I love the state where I grew up and its dialect, though many people would say it sounds harsh and rude. Yes, I would agree with that but when we,
Terengganu-er are speaking, we'd like to speak as little words as we can and still get the meaning across to the listener fast and safe. In order to achieve that, we have to sacrifice some politeness thus the accusation of being harsh and rude. LOL.

The end of Ramadhan was and is always an opportunity for my mother to ask (or/and force) her children to clean around the house. She doesn't ask for much, but make sure the house is sparkling clean and she'll be happy. It's only once a year so all of us will fold our sleeves and get busy. I never do the same task year after year. Last year I was in the 'hanging the curtains' committee, but this year I'm the window-cleaner lady. I've had the windows of the front house cleaned and I think I' about done with this year cleaning rush. I think my angah and kak cik did the curtains hanging part this year. Last year, they were cleaning the windows. As for my abg de, he and his ladder will always do the fans. No one else fit for the job more than him. LOL. But I think there's still one more annual task; mopping the floor. Or has someone mopped it when I was sleeping? (It was very tiring to clean all the windows, you see. What in the hot weather and all) Oh well, I think if it hasn't been done, somebody will be called forward tomorrow to receive the task in a scroll.

Personally, I think this is the fastest Ramadhan that flew by. While I'm busy with my SPM trial, this holy month went on without waiting for me (it used to wait because I used to feel how long it is to Hari Raya) or even say "Hi!". I did all the usual routine; the puasa, the terawih, but it flew by far too fast. When the trial was over, I was like suddenly realised that the month is coming to an end. It's hard to say goodbye, or at least reluctant. Will there be a Ramadhan again for me next year? Only He Who Knows Everything, knows. But, bid goodbye to it brothers and sisters a wish for an encounter again next year. Salam.
p/s: I made those ketupat myself. Haha.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Pagi tadi, aku terbaca (tak adalah 'ter' sangat sebab aku memang 'follow') kartun Senyum Pagi kat Utusan Malaysia. Pak Sheikh Arab ni dia tanya mamak cyber kenapa masjid makin lengang di penghujung Ramadhan? Mamak tu kata, ramai memenuhi Masjid India.
Mamak tu memang kelakar.
Tapi, betul jugak pak sheikh tu. Hujung-hujung ni la masa paling sesuai kita bersungguh sikit kan? Beribadat, maksud aku.
Ok la, dah nak Maghrib.
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