Sunday, August 16, 2009

Convocation Day (Batu Pahat-09/08/09)

These pics are arranged backwards so feel free to feel spinning. I know I do.
This is the view from inside the car on our way home from BP.
Us; whereabouts unknown. Maybe Segamat, coz I remembered we ran into M.dewi on our way to this restaurant.
Need no explaination. The macho man a.k.a the driver.
The lady in pink; K.lang.
At a bakery inside BP Mall.
Ate lunch like a hungry lioness coz we had no breakfast. Just some junk food to keep us all from vomiting in the car.

Well, can't help it. My phone kept ringing all day...=p (bz ler tu konon)
Again. Tengoklah sendiri our eating behaviour. Luckily k.lang is married...(phew)
I think that abg polis was trying to keep his cool very hard~it was a hot day!!!
Ok. 3 dara pingitan. Oops..3 wanita is more like it.
Our beloved Ma.
Still, our Ma. Of course, she was the loveliest of the day.
Now we're talking. The lady of the day.
"My baby's all grown up..and saving China. Do you have a tissue?"- Mushu from Mulan.
Tugu Negara (bukan ok!)
Teka sapa paling comel?
The happy couple.
The happy couple and...who's that?
haha...paling comel=p
The whole family.
Tengoklah tu. Happy sangat 2 ladies paling kanan tu..konvo sape ni?
masih sangat happy
please k.lang....grow up. even k.cik's already got her degree..

dua2 masih single n available; tp now yg open for dipinang cuma seorang sajalah...
yg ni pun (pun apa? no comment!)
both are still single....hahahahaha...
tolong jangan berangan pd yg baju pink tu ok....yg pakai jubah tu takpe..
Ibu...Ibu...Engkaulah ratu hatiku...
2 generation; yet the face hardly divesify (diorg ni dulu jalani meiosis ke tak?)
Ayah; kau pohon daku berteduh di saat aku keseorangan...
hepi sangat2
ok la...kasi can dia hepi~konvo dia kan???

The rest of the pics. Let's make full use of k.lang's modem while it's still here....heheheh...=p

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My promise...(sorry for the delay, bro!)

Salam. I've promised him these pics almost a week ago. So, here you go. Enjoy.

K.lang's house in progress
the house's owner

abg de's struggling with his task

K.cik's convo day

I am so sorry but there seems to be a little mistake about the location of the rest of the photos of k.cik's convo day. But no worries, I will fix the problem and soon you can enjoy more family photos. Until then!

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