Wednesday, September 15, 2010

if it's love, then let me go

when you love someone, it's only plain obvious that you'd want to be with him/her forever.

but is that all love could ever meant? to be together forever?


but separation is inevitable. for every meeting there will an end. that's just the way nature works.
but we encounter wonderful relationships throughout our lives. should the separation ends the ties we've tried very hard to knot?


sometimes, although it's not something we'd choose to entertain, the idea is the best for all.
with every tear we shed, we grow stronger.


knowing Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and the latest Toy Story 3, it seems as though i was watching Andy grew. and i actually grew together.

but love also means letting go. because, like Andy did, we let go because we love. if we are no longer capable of loving, or providing the best environment for our loved ones, then why keep holding on? it's not about being pessimistic, it's about love. and being able to let go.

i actually cried (silly reason to cry, i know) at the end of the movie. the friendship and Andy's love was inescapable. because of that, he's letting someone else starting their own toy story. so long.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i don't want to be by your side

i can understand if the bus' driver cannot see me; a mere motorcycle rider.
thus the reason of not wanting to be by the side of a bus.

but ride or drive, do either or both safely. it's holiday season. can't stand the death toll. (sometimes glad that my family originates from kemaman and stays in kemaman. except when we further study. or work.)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

home and happy (and stomachache)

yesterday, Ma made delicious 'mee rebus' (which probably tasted extra delicious because of fasting month - Ma is a great cook alright?) for iftar.

Ayah cannot eat spicy stuff much (he has a sensitive stomach)so Ma never cook anything very spicy. on the contrary, i'm a spicy lover. (note: not spices, spicy. hot stuff.) to add spicy-ness to the 'mee rebus', the evening before iftar i asked kak chik to go out with me and buy some 'serbuk lada hitam' (black pepper) which should be said as 'lada putih' once they are 'serbuk' (powder). naturally she wouldn't find any 'serbuk lada hitam'. so she bought some black pepper instead and had me pounded them once we got home.

so it was great. the black pepper with the 'mee rebus' was a delightful combination. (watch the word: delightful. i was the delighted one, not the mee. haha) i was even thinking about buying some real white pepper powder for tomorrow's dish.

little did i know. (note: refer the movie stranger than fiction)

today, at approximately 12.30pm i was attacked by the excruciating pain in the stomach. after much back and forth to the toilet, i rested on the bed feeling very 'drained'. (and nauseous.)

when my sis got back from work in the evening, she told me that she faced the same thing today and it must have been the massive amount of black pepper we took yesterday.

morale: don't eat too much black pepper then. easy.

sorry. this diarrhoea condition really hurts. so let me just upload a few photos from my phones and describe them a bit, sounds good? (have been dying to upload these; i left the phone cable at home so now, TADAA..!!)

my classmates: yin and yang. haha. no, yin and vejaya. (i think u should be able to separate the chinese from the indian one right?)

views at the daily assembly.

my less-than-perfect drawings.

by the road side. knowledge without practice; like a tree that bears no fruit. (kaitan?? cari sendiri:D)

cooked plug. beware of plug with smokes and burned smell.

menu for iftar and sahur. (almost) no diarrhoea condition will occur.

Ramadhan's leaving. ('they' will be around again - adding the numbers of nemesis). hope to see Ramadhan again next year.
anyway, Happy Eid Fitri for Muslims around the world.
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