Sunday, June 20, 2010

I bid thee farewell, Pulau Pinang.

who would've thought that my time on the pearl island was not as long as it should've been. although i have been hoping & praying & make a nazar "if i got that offer.." about that application to ipg.

and what do you know? 14th June turned out to be one of the happiest and saddest day of my life.

happy; because i am heading towards my dream and have been given the opportunity to do so. i will put out my best effort yet to achieve what has been over-a-year goal now. insyaAllah, with His blessings, i will be a teacher someday:) ~to teach a language i've become very much attached to.

sad; because six weeks (five weeks and four days, to be exact) are apparently enough time for one to become attached to a bond that wasn't there six weeks ago and to make matters worse, i had to leave just when all the polite smiles and shy gestures were about to wear off. and i was also leaving behind a few bonds of six years (five and a half) old. so naturally, it's a sad event to leave. thank God for classes on Friday. or else, i would've cried.

guys (girls included), this is my memorabilia. (although, i'm not very sure what does memorabilia means. i'll check it later:P)

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