Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How I Met (not) Your Mother, but the Malaysia's Minister of Youth and Sports.

today, out of the blue, Tan Chian Yee came up to me and said:

"Today you guys have an invitation to go break-fasting with KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN."

i was, literally, stunned for a few seconds. i followed KJ's twitter acc. so i actually knew that he touched down at KB's airport not a few hours ago and yes, i also knew that he was coming for a program in Kuala Besut (because there's a PRK around the corner) but never in a million years would i have guessed that Allah has, in His Plans, for me today that i will meet that famous minister. granted, Kuala Besut is 10-15 minutes from my campus, but still. i wouldn't go if there's no reason. and as one of the IPGKSM's JPP members, i was INVITED! (along with tens of other members) he he.

*awfully excited for a humble minister, am i not? this is a regular person, not a Prophet and i am this excited. ponder on that, people =='*


we got there, and there's a ceramah going on so i was thinking that KJ probably already got there and was inside the masjid and listening to the ustaz. me and a few of the gals decided to stay outside because it seemed pretty crowded inside. and then suddenly, the people outside the masjid (the guys, mostly) were standing from sitting on their chairs and seem to be crowding someone/something. and then i saw KJ, in the middle of a small procession, heading towards the masjid, a few handshakes here, handshakes there, and then he saw us (me & the gals who chose to stay outside) and then he stopped a bit. then he said:


then we all kind of stammered to answer his salam. luckily he just went on his way and his salam were answered slowly, just loud enough for only our ears to catch. i shook my head a little in disbelief.

*repeat with me: he's married. he's married. he's married.* ha ha.

and...that's it. there's the break-fasting, maghrib prayer and then we left.

tadaa. here's a pic of him and Kota Putera's ADUN. i think. courtesy of my senior Kak Farahin. i didn't get to him this close :(

my seniors with KJ. lucky, lucky seniors! 

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