Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SPM is so a past

These are the people that manage to cut their paths into my life and became my closest friends. Hope this beautiful friendship stop here not.

~Wan Khairunnisa Wan Mohamad

~Syarifah Zulaikha Syed Ahmad & Siti Nor Fatihah Mohd Sofberi

~Nurul Diyana Adnin Khairul Anuar & Jazariyah Jufri

~Che Ku Noorshahira Che Ku Jusoh

~Nur Rashidah Omar, Amira Hafiza Mohamad, Siti Shahirah Ibrahim Zaki & Syarifah Rafidah Syed Ali

And then, these are just some random pics from my last day in school as a schoolchildren for me to reminisce.

~a very long lorry trying to make its way into the not very long junction

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me and Super

What would I do if I had super powers? This is getting to sound like the television series; Heroes. Or is it only me that had super powers? I remember 'Mr. Incredibles' by Disney and Pixar had similar theme to the 'Heroes' series; there are a lot of superheroes! So, what if I was one of them?

You can never satisfy a human being. Everyone has to agree to that. If you ask me, "What would you do if you had super powers?", I would ask you back, "What type of super power would I have?" Now, doors wide opened. The type of super power that you have is all that really matters. Let us say, you said that I can choose. Aha! this is the part that I like the most.

I want to be invisible. From the film Mr. Incredibles and the Fantastic Four saga, I learned that people that can turn themselves invisible can also form force fields. A force field is like a barrier or a solid wall but it is almost as invisible as well. But being invisible does not mean that I cannot be touched, seen, heard, smelled or worse, shot.

Thus, I would also like to be fast. I hate running, honestly but if my ability is to run mighty fast, wouldn't I like running? Haha. So I'd like to be fast, like Dash in Mr. Incredibles. To run with the wind on my face and water under my feet. Sounds heaven. But what if the bad guys have jets that can fly faster than I ran from them?

What about strength? Just punch the jets to make them blow up and then run away as fast as I can. Dash's father, Bob was very strong. Now, very strong sounds very nice. But I don't want to be rock-faced like The Thing in Fantastic Four.

So, I was right about the possibility of satisfying a human being right? Impossible. I would like to be invisible, able to outmatched Usain Bolt and have the strength to pull a plane. As amazing as it sounds, I would still have to go to school and get some education. Knowledge is power, that's why. To conclude this piece of written imagination, I would just like to urge everyone to be thankful for who we are, even if we're not superheroes. You may not be able to fly to the sky, but to jumble one regular job, one part time class, two commitments; one as a spouse to another and one as an obedient son, all in one day is a pretty amazing task. You deserve a 'job well done!' So celebrate life, superhumans!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Kalau hidup ini seumpama filem, bak kata ayah aku; "Dah habis sebabak!"

Kita tak tahu kan, hidup ini sampai mana? Jadi bila habis sebabak, kita teruskan perjalanan ke babak seterusnya. Tanpa jemu. Sampai usia yang dipinjamkan-Nya ini habis. Sampai kepada masa memulangkan kepada yang berhak. Pengajarannya; sentiasa muhasabah diri kerana kita tidak pernah dan tidak akan pasti apakah masa ada babak yang menunggu di hadapan. Hidup ini perlu selalu berbuat amal soleh, berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran dan berpesan-pesan dengan kesabaran. Baru tidak kerugian.

Hidup boleh dihargai dengan segelas smoothie mango yang sedap. Terima kasih kepada Firdaus yang telah sudi membayar untuk smoothie tersebut.

SPM is a past

I would like to dedicate thousands of sweet-smelling thank-yous to;

Ayah, Ma, Kak Long, Angah, Kak Lang and her hubby, Abang De and Kak Chik. For numerous reasons which powerless human I am would not be able to name it all or pay it back no matter what. I know I haven't been the easiest to be taken care of and for that I am eternally sorry. Without you I am nothing. Thank you.

To name a few, to name all of them! Guys, I can't. You know I can't. Just know that you are always close to my heart. I am thankful everyday that I didn't leave the school last year because this year turned out to be the bestest year! (forget grammars, artist at work here) Let's not let it end here, alright? ~kawin jangan luper anta kad...ngeee...^-^

Arigato gozaimasu, sensei! You made me a superhuman. Borned from superhumans! I've been a student for straight 12 years. Imagine how many thank-you cards I have to send out... For every alphabet I have become so close to, for every numbers that I do not adore so much but have helped me throughout my life, for every new formula, for telling me how the human digestive system works, how to find momentum, how to calculate the concentration of lead(II) sulphate and a vast of other things that I will have to buy my own server to write it all. Deeds are beyond words.

xxxspecial credit for: SMK Chukai a.k.a Terengganu Premier Chukai Excellent School
-what a place!
-keep holding memories for pure souls that keeps pouring
-be as sweet as you always are
-so long!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tengah hari yang lazat

Lama sungguh rasanya sudah tidak menikmati sepinggan nasi goreng kampung yang menepati seleraku dengan jitu. Kali terakhir rasanya waktu berkitar-kitar di Padang Besar, Perlis tiga tahun yang lalu. Orang Thai yang membuatnya; panas dan pedas.
Tapi, hari ini aku terpegun dengan keenakan nasi goreng kampung di sebuah restoran belakang Pasaraya Nirwana(maaf, lupa namanya). Masin, manis, pedas membingungkan deria rasaku. Bak kata iklan Maggi; cukup rasa! Sup panas pelengkap yang memuaskan hati. Teh ais yang seimbang nisbah serbuk teh dengan susunya memang telah berjaya mengikat hatiku dengan janji untuk datang menjamu selera lagi. Lain kali kena ajak Adnin pulak, sebab tadi katanya aku tidak pandang kiri kanan lagi mengadap nasi goreng kg itu... Jauh sekali untuk menawar sesuap dua. Aku gelak sahaja dan menabur janji untuk datang lagi ke restoran belakang Nirwana itu bersamanya.

p/s: Selamat pengantin baru untuk kawanku Cik Ja dan buah hatinya Aqim yang akan mengikat hati mereka tepat jam 1531 esok selepas wisel ditiup menandakan tamatnya masa menjawab Kimia kertas 3.

Kredit: Terima kasih kepada Cik Mir yang sudi meminjamkan N95-nya bagi memungkinkan post ini ditulis dan di'publish'. Arigato gozaimasu!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

song of the moment:
21 Guns - Greenday

Do you know what's worth fighting for
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take you breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?
Does the pain weight out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Does someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and i

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul
Your faith walks on broken glass
And the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and i

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire?
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and i

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Graduation day...ahaks!;)

Let me start my 'rentetan hari graduasi' post with the pic of me with my mum...hehehehe..
Nampak dari mana kejelitaan itu turun???

Ni Sagshafraa. One of the GPs. Comel kan? Takpe, sama-sama comel..hahaha...

This is my form teacher; Cik Wan Zainon Wan Mahamod. I really wish I can say she's my future and soon-to-be something but...nothing is decided. So, I'll keep you posted=p

My lovely ex-teach Hawa has a lovely poem about exam in her blog. I wish I can as beautiful as that..hehe.
This person next to me is Jazariyah Jufri. She's the closest friend of mine in my class. She's so sweet right?

This is me and Amira Hafiza Mohamad. She's one of the GP members. So naturally she'll be in my list of must-take-pic-with.

This is Siti Aisyah Rosni or I simply like to call her AC or Ace (but she doesn't understand it when I call her Ace. wonder why...)
She's a mix of Indian and Malay and so please don't compare my petite eyes to her HUGE ones.

Firdaus and Fatihah. Eer...didn't mean for their initial to be the same. Sori Yan=p

This is not my class. This is 5Adv. My class of brilliance? Nowhere to be found. Perhaps I should ask for soft copies from anyone who has it.

Me and Abou Diaby. Haha. No. That's Abu Huzaifah Zulkifli. He's so tall. Just look at the vast difference of our heights. And among my friends I'm already one of the tallest...phew. Had to look to the sky everytime talking to him.

This is him and his mom. The lovely wife of Dr Zulkifli Awang. A question; where did Abu inherit his height from?

This is the main reason of today's post. Especially that small-eyed specky devil! So, here you go Firdaus. Kalau nak soft copy, cakap. Bagi emel add, aku hantar bila2 aku senang... haha...

What a day! Suka untuk diberitakan di sini, komen lah muka-muka ceria ni agar lain kali boleh kondem diorang lagi.Ekekekek...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

...harap-harap tiada lagi seperti ini


Aku nak tiru style post Zul. Harap ko tak marah Zul (which shouldn’t happen kalo ko x care pung ke post aku).

Anonymous 1; aku x marah ko lagi. Siyes. X tau what happened. Tetiba aku sangat marah + rendah diri. Aku rasa cam kita xkan jadi kawan lagi. But when u came up to me and care to say hi, I guess it’s not fair to keep avoiding u while u urself have no ******* idea of what went wrong. (menurut ac though “he definitely noticed!”). Sebab kes ni, habis kengkawan aku (GPs of coz) marah aku dan suh aku pi mintak maap dengan hang. Apa kes?? I know I was wrong still… argh. Kalo ko baca ni pun aku bet ko x paham.

Anonymous 2; u’re a heartthrob. Betul. Tapi aku x paham la. Nape dengan guys?? Is it them or is it me…? (sigh) x paham mak. Ske ati ko la. Apa pun, ko memang hensem. Haha.

Anonymous 3; ko ni. Kadang2 ada dalam list, kadang2 off. Sorang lagi yang aku x paham. Ah, tapi ko bukan problem. Ada, xde, sama je. Cuma kadang2 ada tu best gak.

Anonymous 4; huh… I guess we’re done. I’m sad, really. The hardest part is saying goodbye. We see each other everyday but our hearts are apart. I wish we can go back in time and I can have all of our greatest laughs over and over again. If you’re reading this and manage to squeak out “perhaps it’s me she’s talking about”, I’m sorry from my skull to my metacarpals. The remarks I made, wasn’t intentionally. No, scratch that. It was intentionally said and I’m eternally sorry. Exam’s drawing near and we’re two people facing it like two strangers looking at the same approaching bus at an alien bus stop. I am sad and done.

Aku rasa lega dan puas. Terima kasih kepada Encik Zul kerana telah mengenalkan aku kepada cara meluahkan perasaan tanpa audio, walaupun dia tidak pernah memperkenalkannya secara khusus untuk aku. Aku tetap berterima kasih kepadanya. Satu lagi terima kasih untuk diriku sendiri kerana telah berjaya merosakkan bahasa ibunda dan bahasa asing dengan baik sekali. Satu permohonan maaf kepada mereka yang membaca blog ini dan mendapati bahasanya telah merosakkan bahasa mereka. Maaf. Bagi mengelakkan semua kesalahan terpaksa aku junjung atas kepala yang sedang berserabut dengan SPM ini, biarlah aku memberi separuh kesalahan kepada PMS.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have always find my blogspot as a medium for me to pour my heart out, without restriction, unconditionally. But today, that just can't happen. For whatever reason that I'm not going to write down here. Now and never.
Enough about me.
Today, my friends came to my house for the Hari Raya visit. The lads (wah, very the British) were Abu, Azwan, Zul, Shahrafi and Muzammil. Sure hope I don't misspell any of these guys names! Their visit was brief but it was for them to know where my house is located. I've been telling them I lived in some remote jungle, that's why their visit of curiosity was inevitable.
I served them with bubbly drinks (no, no, it's not red wine). Abu was eating and eating with no intention of stopping, until he's about full I guess. Haha. Sorry Abu.
Azwan was hiding behind Abu's big shadow. What's up? I heard his voice but little of his image.
Zul was very cold. All cool and stiff. I wonder why?
Shahrafi was exceptionally silent. Not his usual self, I can say.
And Muzammil? He's all smiles. Less talk. Not that it's unusual. He's been called in class as orang yang berselimut (person wrapped in blanket). You do the math.
I've always received male friends as visitors on Hari Raya. I guess my ladies friends were all busy being a good hostess, just like I was. Although if it's not my friends I won't be very busy then. Haha. Typical last child.
Sorry about the bulls***. I gotta write something.
Thank you so much Abu, Azwan, Zul, Shahrafi and Muzammil for coming. There is one additional thank for Shahrafi, for the reason I will let only him know. But I think he knows.
About the Eiffel Tower, that's where I want to go visit someday and this is a post about my friends' visit. See what I mean?
Whatever guys. Happy holidays. But it's coming to a rapid end for all form fivers I guess. I'm checking into the hostel. So, my fellow bloggers, so long!

credit : photo taken from Thank you Mr. Raju.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The big day and its rush

Before I start to ramble about anything, let me begin this post politely with; "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin."
Okay, that's done with. If you would look at the stereotype phrase up there, has it ever occured to you who came up with it the first time? Genius. Simple yet the meaning of the speaker come across quickly.
Speaking of getting the meaning across quickly and safely, do you know that Terengganu dialect do just that in Malay language? I love the state where I grew up and its dialect, though many people would say it sounds harsh and rude. Yes, I would agree with that but when we,
Terengganu-er are speaking, we'd like to speak as little words as we can and still get the meaning across to the listener fast and safe. In order to achieve that, we have to sacrifice some politeness thus the accusation of being harsh and rude. LOL.

The end of Ramadhan was and is always an opportunity for my mother to ask (or/and force) her children to clean around the house. She doesn't ask for much, but make sure the house is sparkling clean and she'll be happy. It's only once a year so all of us will fold our sleeves and get busy. I never do the same task year after year. Last year I was in the 'hanging the curtains' committee, but this year I'm the window-cleaner lady. I've had the windows of the front house cleaned and I think I' about done with this year cleaning rush. I think my angah and kak cik did the curtains hanging part this year. Last year, they were cleaning the windows. As for my abg de, he and his ladder will always do the fans. No one else fit for the job more than him. LOL. But I think there's still one more annual task; mopping the floor. Or has someone mopped it when I was sleeping? (It was very tiring to clean all the windows, you see. What in the hot weather and all) Oh well, I think if it hasn't been done, somebody will be called forward tomorrow to receive the task in a scroll.

Personally, I think this is the fastest Ramadhan that flew by. While I'm busy with my SPM trial, this holy month went on without waiting for me (it used to wait because I used to feel how long it is to Hari Raya) or even say "Hi!". I did all the usual routine; the puasa, the terawih, but it flew by far too fast. When the trial was over, I was like suddenly realised that the month is coming to an end. It's hard to say goodbye, or at least reluctant. Will there be a Ramadhan again for me next year? Only He Who Knows Everything, knows. But, bid goodbye to it brothers and sisters a wish for an encounter again next year. Salam.
p/s: I made those ketupat myself. Haha.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Pagi tadi, aku terbaca (tak adalah 'ter' sangat sebab aku memang 'follow') kartun Senyum Pagi kat Utusan Malaysia. Pak Sheikh Arab ni dia tanya mamak cyber kenapa masjid makin lengang di penghujung Ramadhan? Mamak tu kata, ramai memenuhi Masjid India.
Mamak tu memang kelakar.
Tapi, betul jugak pak sheikh tu. Hujung-hujung ni la masa paling sesuai kita bersungguh sikit kan? Beribadat, maksud aku.
Ok la, dah nak Maghrib.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Convocation Day (Batu Pahat-09/08/09)

These pics are arranged backwards so feel free to feel spinning. I know I do.
This is the view from inside the car on our way home from BP.
Us; whereabouts unknown. Maybe Segamat, coz I remembered we ran into M.dewi on our way to this restaurant.
Need no explaination. The macho man a.k.a the driver.
The lady in pink; K.lang.
At a bakery inside BP Mall.
Ate lunch like a hungry lioness coz we had no breakfast. Just some junk food to keep us all from vomiting in the car.

Well, can't help it. My phone kept ringing all day...=p (bz ler tu konon)
Again. Tengoklah sendiri our eating behaviour. Luckily k.lang is married...(phew)
I think that abg polis was trying to keep his cool very hard~it was a hot day!!!
Ok. 3 dara pingitan. Oops..3 wanita is more like it.
Our beloved Ma.
Still, our Ma. Of course, she was the loveliest of the day.
Now we're talking. The lady of the day.
"My baby's all grown up..and saving China. Do you have a tissue?"- Mushu from Mulan.
Tugu Negara (bukan ok!)
Teka sapa paling comel?
The happy couple.
The happy couple and...who's that?
haha...paling comel=p
The whole family.
Tengoklah tu. Happy sangat 2 ladies paling kanan tu..konvo sape ni?
masih sangat happy
please k.lang....grow up. even k.cik's already got her degree..

dua2 masih single n available; tp now yg open for dipinang cuma seorang sajalah...
yg ni pun (pun apa? no comment!)
both are still single....hahahahaha...
tolong jangan berangan pd yg baju pink tu ok....yg pakai jubah tu takpe..
Ibu...Ibu...Engkaulah ratu hatiku...
2 generation; yet the face hardly divesify (diorg ni dulu jalani meiosis ke tak?)
Ayah; kau pohon daku berteduh di saat aku keseorangan...
hepi sangat2
ok la...kasi can dia hepi~konvo dia kan???

The rest of the pics. Let's make full use of k.lang's modem while it's still here....heheheh...=p
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