Thursday, July 28, 2011

hilarious, sir =='

today in Language Support class, sir zack-ee taught us about quotations. " " is a quotation mark, fyi. ok. that's about it. and oh, you should cite the original speaker or writer.

sir gave us sheets of examples of quotations in an essay and asked us to find'em. there are a few different types of citation like there's (Farren-Larsen, 1986: 131) and there's like (Andrews, 1996)

and then jie slowly whispered it to me:
"kalau situ ado page, sini takdok sebab dio tok ingat page berapo." 

being a good friend, i tried repeating after her:
"hok ni ade page, hok ni takdok page."  

sir zack, unfortunately was nearby and i was loud enough for him to hear. he then, big jester he was, responded:
"hok ni ade page, hok ni takdok page. hok tu?"

the class was roaring with laughter right after that. i was so embarrassed ... >.< 
you see, i'm one of the proud Terengganu-ians in the class but sir zack somehow marked me as a proud Kemaman girl and will always use Terengganu dialect with much stress. that is undeniably true though. XD

here is an example of a quotation:

"Even though cats sits on mats, we must remember that cats can also sit on other surfaces. It is essential that we keep the multifunctional nature of cats and their possible seating options firmly in mind." (Smith, 1994, 20)

why the h are we talking about cats seating options, we have no idea =='

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sekali Lagi

there is a certain significance to that title but let me just say, Shaheizy Sam was not bad at all playing an autisme (autistik, in Malay) guy.

all in all, Sekali Lagi tried to break from a few typical turnouts i had in my mind while watching this movie. but it is pretty light and just the right choice if you don't want to burden your head thinking about the movie. just sit back, relax and enjoy a slow love story for an evening in.

(from the back cover, loosely translated by me)
Arman is an autisme sufferer, soon-to-be-married to Farina because of a mistake he didn't commit. But Arman didn't realized that Farina has been lying. Arman met Amy and the two became friends without they realizing that they are actually bonded by something stronger. Arman confided a lot in Amy and Amy, although just a five-year-old, is a smart kid. Amy gave a lot of advice to Arman. She also advised Arman who he is doubtful about going through with his marriage. Haris...

credit pic:
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