Friday, January 27, 2012

it's 12.07am & i can't seem to understand my homework

(oke tipu.)

it's just... it's been a long day and i'm not in the mood to squeeze good, nutritious juices outta my brain to produce one graphic organizer about literary criticism, one critical analysis about common themes in five assigned short stories and answer a series of questions about whether human are developing the ability to use language or simply imitating it like a bunch of chimpanzees??? really, they are all really boring which i know just what to do but really, really, i mean literally, not in the mood to.

okay. phew. a few minutes there. (tapaham is oke. i'm used to babbling alone. ==')

so this Chinese New Year (CNY), i had some pretty amazing trips. IPG-ians got one week leave (because chinese mestila nak balik hometown. bukan kamu aja nak sambut raya =p) so Angah invited us (me, Kak Long, Kak Chik & Abg De) to his house in Kuala Lumpur to help him look for and buy a baby cot for his future daughter (due in less than three weeks at the time this is posted! ^-^)

but we didn't buy one because there was just not enough time to find one that matches his taste (and also, needs). so we decided to KIV baby cot and maybe he and his wife can buy that later (it's a baby cot, not diapers. she can sleep on the bed first right...haha..XD)

aside from baby cot searching, we managed to steal some time to go to i-city in Shah Alam. it's about 50km from KL (amirite, KL-ians?) and + traffic, it took us about an hour and a half to get there. but i-city was amazing!

i mean, like, yeah if you appreciate a good art of arranging colourful LEDs on trees and on the ferris wheel and toys (that goes straight up and comes down flying - which we were no good at =='). but snow walk was also fun! it's like a fridge so big you can walk in there and pretend like you're in Russia or somewhere really cold with lots of snow (ashem! bless you >.<) but be careful, it's really slippery in there. Kak Long fell twice (haha!) and i almost fall too but managed to control myself (phew!)

(dalam snow walk tak ambik gambaq. tangan dok ketaq nak snap gambaq lagu mana - padah dok texting dengan Luqman budak Kedah. ==')

and then... today i went to Kuala Terengganu with Abg De to pick up some money from Yayasan Terengganu (terima kasih daun keladi, Yayasan. lain kali panggil lagi ^-^) and then i asked him to go to Terengganu State Museum in Kg. Losong. mainly because i've been saying that i am a proud "anak Terengganu" but i've never been to the Terengganu State Museum and because, i really like museum. majestic artifacts, beautiful buildings, haunted stories and all =)

we weren't allowed to snap pictures inside the museum but here's some on the outside. 

(oke, gambar kat atas ni amik sebab ada perkataan "Bukit Kuang". amat penting oke ^-^)

i think that's it. pretty amazing week, if you ask me. i don't always get opportunities to travel (mainly because i don't have a license yet ==') but when i do, i'll try to post about it. not that it's important to be posted, it's important for me to read back about my experiences ;)

oh yeah, wish me luck for my 2nd time at bat with JPJ. hopefully my luck will change. aminnn....=__= 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Taufik Fikri

happy birthday, bro! may Allah bless you and the paths you have chosen & will choose in the future - always. love you.

*thank u*

Sunday, January 15, 2012

another clueless admirer

and yes, that's me.

i'm sorry if the texts have been meaningless. they weren't for me. they were small parts of life that i have always cherish, probably always will.
but then again, i'm nobody. just a friend (at least i was. until recently). now i don't know if i should call myself a friend. i certainly didn't act like one.
and yes, as you probably have guessed, i've caught feelings. i've caught feelings bad. like always (this is not the first time i've caught feelings - although it is the first with you), i hope there is a happy ending for this story.

but that had never been the case.

i don't know why i act like this and i'm sorry if it has caused you great uncomfortable circumstances. scratch that, i know it has and i am truly sorry.

truth is, why did you have to pull that crap? (probably shouldn't mention it as 'crap'). i don't know what was it but it never leave me. i can't eat, i can't sleep. you are all i think about. God i sound pathetic.

feelings, please leave me alone. i've been through this once and it didn't end pretty well.

i don't wanna go through that again.

i don't know if this craziness worth something or not. i feel powerless. i feel like a crap. (i know, stop with the 'crap' but i just can't help it).

i'm 20 years old this year. does that mean anything? isn't my mind suppose to become super-matured or something? shouldn't i become more adult-like in dealing with this kind of heart-related matters? or 20 doesn't mean anything?

sad really inspired me. he seems like he is sure-er now. he knows what he wants. ("there's nothing sexier than a man in confidence." - emma, glee season 1). he's 21 years old and it's almost like he has turned over an entirely new leaf; at his utmost confidence about what he wants to achieve.

i think that's maturity.

and i think i am the farthest thing from it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NatGeo Life statistics

it's so awesome i had to share!

thanks 9gag. ripped it off of your website.

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