Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From the top!

goodbye, Glee season 2. it had been fun. awesome songs, epic fights and jaw-dropping runs. can't wait for season 3!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

paltrow is funny and criss is straight.

(this is what happens when you have a lot of free time and you watch Glee too much)

Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holiday makes me think if she's as funny as the character she portrayed in Glee. because if she is, her husband is one lucky guy. there are so many of her lines that cracked me.

Brittany: Why are we sitting on the floor?
Holly: Cause we're in Japan.

Holly: Hello, class. I am the world most famous and stylish divorcee, Wallace Simpson. I was married a bunch of times then I fell in love with Edward VIII and made him abdicate the throne. I had giant hands so a lot of people thought I was a hermaphrodite but that wasn't true. Others said that I was a Nazi sympathizer. That was true. Boy, did I think that Hitler showed promise.

lol XD  

i was having my lunch when the scene of Blaine suddenly kissing Kurt played on my screen and i had to stop eating for a few seconds. okay, that was not the first guy-kiss-another-guy scene in Glee but the other one was a short and not passionate kiss. Blaine and Kurt both have feelings for each other so just (don't) imagine their kiss.

anyway, that kiss scene got me wonder, is Darren Criss (actor who plays Blaine Anderson) really gay? i mean, when i checked out Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), he really is what he plays. and Jonathan Groff (Jessie St. James) too! and Groff played straight. it's very hard to tell..@.@

which is why i was shocked when i read from this website, i found out that he's straight. which is awesome. it's such a waste if he's gay. like Rachel said: in the future, give me a vaguely Eurasian-looking children.

this post is really just my way of filling my time.  

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

unrealistic, but happy & realistic, but it bites

i'm home now and have plenty of times to just spend hours staring (read: watching) at my laptop's screen and ticking off those movies i've been putting off to watch (like pride & prejudice, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and a few which are still playing at the cinemas).

so the other day, my sis asked how to download a movie (okay, i know it's morally wrong but personally, if it's wrong then why are there still sites to download movies from? i mean, it's torrents but still. and let's be honest, who doesn't do that especially if you have stable internet connection at home?) and then i taught her how. it's good that i am such an avid downloader, there was no need for her to do anything than just open a link that i sent her and voila! wait until the download is done, pop some corn (okay really, it sounds nice. that's why i wrote it) and enjoy your movie.

she wanted to watch You've Got Mail (starred by Meg Ryan and some guy... urgh. i know him. this is not the first movie of him that i've watched. okay2. alright, thanks Google. Tom Hanks. that's the guy) and i don't know the motivations behind her choice but i think i'd like to watch it too. (i know the movie is like a decade old, maybe older. idk. but they say a good movie is always timeless, right?;))

so after i got back two days ago, i've downloaded two episodes of Glee season 2 (E 16 & 17. love, the show) and a complete season 4 of Chuck (same. love it. can't get enough of it.), i took the movie YGM from my bro's laptop and started watching.

very pretty setting. beautiful story. but Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox's love story is very unlikely to happen in the real world. i mean, the guy just put your business that you've inherited from your mother, who before got it from her mother, out. Kathleen forgave him - and i don't think what Joe did was an admirable effort. so, so. thus, with that, YGM is a nice movie. not all-time-favorite worthy though. sorry.

after YGM, i re-watch Glee S02E17 and again, almost cried at the scene where Holly is leaving Will. it's hard to say goodbye, especially when we realize that the person that we love is actually in love with someone else. it's universal. it's sad, and it's realistic. close to us.

(oh man. i just gave away spoilers, didn't i? at least for gleeks in Malaysia who choose to wait and watch on StarWorld. sorry>.<)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

i wouldn't say 'greatest', but it measures up;)

one of the most unique proposal i've ever heard/watched/read. it's so out of the box, the first time i watched it, the first half of the video didn't make sense =='

and yes. you've got to watch it more than once because it's so out of this world!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Macbeth dramatization

great fun. that's all i can say.

okay, it has flaws. like many great productions. (i even spotted one in avatar. so there:p) and when can human escapes imperfections? never. so yeah, our production was flawed.

flaw #1:
we made the props for Wood of Birnam (fast fact: the wood which a messenger saw and he thought it was moving - and it was moving because the English army have cut down one tree for each soldier to use as a shield - and the messenger go tell Macbeth about the moving Wood of Birnam which means the prophecy of the witches is becoming true which also means  it's a bad news for Macbeth) but because of technical difficulties (mat mi didn't come inside the curtain and i didn't remember about the wood at all. sorry guys. i still remember the hardship we endured to bring the polystyrene back to the hostel)

flaw #2:
we also made the shields for Macbeth's and Macduff's use but once, both Macbeth (mat mi) and Macduff (me) forgot all about the shields and fought like how we fight in rehearsals; with our swords and a lot of fake angry shouts. well i scream, mostly. and cursed too. haha. i was supposed to be mad at Macbeth, so it only stands to reason.

there were also a few fun facts (a lot i think, but i can only think of a few) of our dramatization and i'd like to remember them again if someday we look back to this and we want to laugh at how silly we were. okee. this is getting weird. i sound like an 80-year-old=.=

fun fact #1:
izzati isa drew me a moustache. no, not on a paper. on my FACE! oh man, you should've seen it. and no, i'm not going to upload the memorable photos they took of me while the moustache was still stuck above my upper lip. i think i looked like my father when he was young. but i'm supposed to look like my mother, shouldn't i? urgh. it's okay-lah. if i'm going to look like a boy i might as well kick-ass at it. haha. (meaning, look handsome-lah. like my Mr. Ayah=D

fun fact #2:
one of the group 'igak' (catch) a cat to use as one of the apparitions that appear after being summoned by the witches. but the cat became terrified on the stage (stage fright, i think. haha:D) and ran away. poor kitty. didn't  even get to finish it's part. but the audience laughed. so i think the cat won some points;)

that's all i can think of for the time being people. have a nice weekend (for east-coasters only).


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

teslians KDRI rock!

(i hate greetings especially during blogging. i mean, i answer the phone with "Assalamualaikum" but it just didn't feel right to write it here. especially when there's a lot of nonsense written down here which i am not proud of. so i'm just gonna leave the part where i'm supposed to write down the greetings for my readers blank and not bother explaining it again in any other posts afterwards. thank you.)

so we went to Taman Budaya Negeri Terengganu which is located in Kuala Ibai which is if you ask me to show you the way then we won't reach it because i don't know how we ended up there (it's near the Masjid Tengku Zaharah which is more popularly known as 'Masjid Terapung'/Floating Mosque, but i can't be more helpful than that) and we went there because we (and by we i mean me and my classmates - IPGKSM Teslians) were cordially invited by IPGKDRI Teslians to watch their performance of Macbeth (fast fact: Macbeth is our literature-to-be-studied this semester and to perform the play is a must or else you'd get zero for coursework meaning it's as if you didn't sit for your English Studies paper that sem, which is ridiculous because we don't have exams for sem 1 and sem 2. okay, this is getting frustratingly confusing. never you mind. i'll explain the complicated system some other time=.=)

anyway... so there we were, watching them. and they were great. like Sir Zaki (our tutor) said:
"Simple costumes, yet effective."
i tried to record the whole thing by using D90 (thank you my brother:D) but it was so torturing. the blood was draining from my hand and it gives a weird sense of light-headed and i thought i was going to faint. but i didn't. the memory (card) was not enough though so there were a few final scenes that i didn't get.

at the end of the day, their Lady Macbeth was the most sought-after character for the guys in my class and Angus was for the girls. except me i think. somehow, that Angus (they say his name is saad? arafat? something-lah) looks a little bit too much like our Azrul. we have that in IP KSM so why bother? haha=D

anyway, you guys in KDRI knows how to rock;) and i gotta go rock our own Macbeth interpretation. i'll post some pics (or if you're lucky, a video) later.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Akhlak Mulia=)

i thought of translating my ta'lim notes to english but then it felt weird. and i want to write something meaningful here. other than my usual crap. so here goes.

Rasulullah SAW ada bersabda:

Sesungguhnya aku diutus untuk menyempurnakan akhlak manusia. (Riwayat Ahmad)

define akhlak:
jie - "peribadi"
irah - "sifat"
me - "tindak-tanduk"

Imam al-Ghazali ada menyebut:
Akhlak ialah sesuatu yang tertanam di dalam jiwa yang mendorong untuk melakukan perbuatan dengan mudah tanpa pertimbangan terlebih dahulu. 

akhlak itu ada 2:
1. akhlak kepada Allah
2. akhlak sesama makhluk

Akhlak kepada Allah
1. beriman kepada Allah
2. beribadat ikhlas kerana Allah
3. sentiasa bertaubat kepada Allah (taubat yg paling disukaiNya: taubat nasuha & taubat org muda^^)
4. melaksanakan perkara wajib dan fardhu
5. redha menerima qada' dan qadar

Akhlak sesama makhluk
1. akhlak sesama manusia (Rasulullah SAW, ibu bapa, suami/isteri, adik-beradik, etc.)
2. akhlak dengan makhluk (malaikat, jin, tumbuhan, haiwan, alam semesta, etc.)

dan manusia yang lemah seperti kita ini, bagaimana hendak melatih diri untuk berakhlak mulia?

1. mengambil Junjungan Mulia Muhammad SAW sebagai 'role model' utama. tak dilupakan, sahabat-sahabat, tabi-tabi'in. baca sirah-sirah, dalami dan hayati akhlak mulia mereka.

2. kembali kepada Al-Quran. 2/3 isi Al-Quran adalah berkenaan akhlak.

3. kemantapan ilmu.
bak kata falsafah pendidikan kebangsaan: proses pembelajaran sepanjang hayat.

hadis-hadis Nabi yang lain:

Islam itu akhlak yang baik.

Tidak ada sesuatu yang berat timbangannya melainkan akhlak yang mulia.

Orang yang sempurna imannya adalah orang yang baik akhlaknya.  

credit goes to Kak Mira, my ta'lim 'mother' for these very nice points and reminders. human needs to be reminded all the time because the brain is, somehow, in this modern era, tends to forget good values and the bad ones are easier to find (and to absorb too, at that!) and so i want to do something about it. even if me myself am still learning and correcting and improvising. hey, what are teachers for? and teachers are still human;)

busier than ever

1. just got back from language camp in Marang last week
2. going to IPGKDRI this Sunday to watch their TESL Foundation's production of Macbeth
3. to (just do a lot of things) for our own production of Macbeth this coming Wednesday
4. going to Perhentian island for last sem's PE course pro-forma (which is not necessary for us to still do it but c'mon, when else will you go to an island with your friends and have fun?)

truth is, i can't wait to leave the land of Besut and go back to the land where i come from. even with a busy schedule like the above, i have never felt more lonely. and if i have to feel lonely in the midst of people, at least let me be in the midst of the people that i love. home i where my heart is.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

be patient=)

76: Maka janganlah ucapan mereka menyedihkan kamu. Sesungguhnya Kami mengetahui apa yang mereka rahasiakan dan apa yang mereka nyatakan.
- Surat ke 36. Yasin, Juz 23

note-to-self: husna, never be sad because of what people said unless what they are saying are true and you know that it was wrong for you to do it. otherwise, "tak mati dek keji, tak hidup dek puji." keep smiling=) 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

blue eyes

i have never left my hometown, kemaman for longer than a few days before my age reach 18 years and i was offered to do TESL (which was what i want to do. is. i mean is.) in a district of about 4-5 hours drive away. which is a new experience. (ooh, forgot about my detour to penang. that one was about a month and a half. penang was nice. i would want to go again^^).

so, when i come back to my hometown this weekend, it seemed like many things have change and because this one is a three-day holiday, i had time to absorb all new facts with clearer head and slower pace. (yes, i am slow. deal with it.)

yesterday, my sis asked me to go jog with her at padang astaka. i don't jog cause if i do then she'll be rushing me to hospital kemaman's emergency room (where most of the staffs already know me) in the next hour. let's not waste the day like that alrite? but i did went to padang astaka

^ this one is not new

and then, my sis brought me to taste her self-acclaimed 'the best nasi lemak' in kemaman.

all i can say is that, it might be the best in terms of 'other people making it'. my mum's would be the best in kemaman (or the best for me, haha^^)

happy mother's day everybody. appreciate your moms;)
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