Sunday, December 25, 2011

the story of a Kak Farah

i was looking for a copy of my birth certificate (i left the original at the hostel ==') when i came across a bunch of memoirs which are related to Kak Farah.

Kak Farah was my senior back in secondary school. she's one of the nicest person i've come across in this world. we still keep in touch but hardly see each other because she's now in Jakarta, doing what she does best; medic and i'm here, doing what i love most :).

i first met her when i was in form 1 and she was in form 4. i saw her outside her dorm room and was tying her shoelaces, ready for school. the first thought that came to my head was:

"That's Kak Farah the talk of the school? (she was one of the best students) She seems mean."

can you believe my first impression of her? like 360 degree the opposite.

come next year, we were shuffled into different dorm rooms and to my dismay, i got Kak Farah as one of my roommates (it was 8 students per room back then). but slowly, my impression of her changed when she became one of the closest roommate ever. it really struck me that she really is a nice person (not mean like how i made it up in my mind for a year) when she waited for me, everyday in our room, so that we can have lunch together. at the time, she always got out of class earlier than me but she'd wait until my class is over and then proceed to the cafeteria.

and the list of nice things that she did didn't end there but for now that's all i remember.

to KF, i kept these pieces of you all these years. now i don't know if it'll stay kept (my mum has the tendency to throw out things in the house people don't touch for more than five years) so i scanned it so that me, you and other people who cares can see it too:)

she gave this when she was leaving school (i.e. leaving me)

below are the collection of notes she left in my locker when we couldn't see each other (she's a brilliant student so she's got a lot of other places to be at)

^ Assalamualaikum. Kak Farah balik dulu. Jumpa lg esok @ hari sabtu nie. -Farah-

^ Assalamualaikum. Laparlah. tp nak buat camne. Just kidding. I want 2 study Chemistry. How about u? However, don't waste your time because time & tide wait for no men. =) Kak Farah.
^ The last message 4 you.. 4 this week. Assalamualaikum.... Husna, check beg duit cukup x duit, kalau x cukup Kak Farah x tahu. -semoga dapat menempuhi 'black out' everyday! Mmm, Kak Farah sebenarnya suka gi kem tp minggu nie balik lah pulak. Husna jugak y best balik tiap2 minggu. Tak aci betul 'baby genius' nie. Ok lah nak gi study nie nanti 'black out' pulak... -I wish u good luck & happy always. =) farah

^ Assalamualaikum. - smoge cepat sembuh! -you make my life happy & meaningful besides full of sweet memories. Mlm nie Kak Farah study lewat sampai pkl 12.. kalau Husna x sihat, tidur jelah... ok! =) Kak Farah  (x yah bls xpe, bazir kertas cute Husna je!) 
^ To: Husna comei. Assalamualaikum. There is nothing that I wanna say BUT... 1. smile always. 2. complete ur homework. 3. happy go lucky. its me, Farah.
^ Assalamualaikum buat Husna y disayangi,
Kak Farah nak mintak maaf psl semalam. Kak Farah tahu Husna kecil hati dgn Kak Farah. Sorrylah sbb Kak farah x sengaja ok! Tolong maafkan Kf sbb Kak Farah rasa x tenang kalau sakitkan hati org. Anyway, it's up to you because only u know what u feel. Same as you, I'm also really appreciate ur appearance in my life. 
Husna, doakan Kak Farah slmt pergi & slmt balik. Jgn sedih2, minggu nie kan Husna balik. Kak Farah jugak y kena 'kelas p'sediaan luar ngr'. Sbr je lah.
Balik rumah nanti, jgn lupa mandi, do your homework & revision besides don't forget to pray. Remember 8A PMR 2007.
Thn dpn mungkin kita xkan jumpe lg sbb Kak Farah hanya gi skolah untuk ambil result SPM & uruskan borang2 matrik.
Walaubagaimanapun, Kak Farah akan sentiasa m'doakan kejayaan Husna sbb Husna mmg sentiasa ada dlm hati Kak Farah. 
Kak Farah rase thn nielah thn y paling best Kak Farah duduk kat hostel sbb ade Husna y ceriakan hari2 Kak Farah.
Kalau 'black out' nanti, suruh Yana temankan. 
That's all sincerely from me, -Farah- 11 A1 SPM 2006

 she wrote that letter because of a small disagreement we had. i don't remember what happened but base on the letter, i guess i was acting like a child. haha. sorry about that, KF :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


when the result of  PEPERIKSAAN SEMESTER AKHIR KURSUS PERSEDIAAN PROGRAM IJAZAH SARJANA MUDA PERGURUAN AMBILAN JUN 2010 were definitely out (i saw a few classmates posting their result. i mean, not their pointers, just whether they're LULUS or GAGAL), i slowly, cautiously, anxiously wrote down my i/c num and waited ------

Purata Nilai Gred (GPA) : *.**

and then my heart -literally- skipped a beat (like how Barney's did when he saw Nora arrived for their first date. i'm watching too much How I Met Your Mother nowadays..+.+)

alhamdulillah. means my rezeki is still to pursue education in Besut, Terengganu. now, i have to say that when i found out that i'm gonna spend the next five-and-a-half years in BESUT??? it was not a good moment. but weighing two options; to be in a great place but not studying, not doing something that i love, OR to be somewhere very remote, far from the city-lights (not that i'm a city-girl with her designer jeans and handbags and spends her weekends sipping green tea frappuccino at Starbucks (i even had to google for that name of beverage at Starbucks =.=) - i just like going to the cinema) but to be studying, to be doing something of my passion? i'd rather do something that i love, doesn't matter where i was.

and after one-and-a-half years in Besut, i won't change the friends, the experience and just about everything for the world. they are awesome and we have been through a lot. camp, trips or just a simple walk to the beach of Bukit Keluang. somehow with 'holiday-goggles' on, i see them all pretty. haha=p

i actually feared that i wouldn't do well in my first exam but now that the first hump is over, i just gotta stay focus so that we'll achieve that M. Ed before thirty!;)

alright people. B. Ed (TESL) sounds so nice. i just hope the degree years are just as good as the foundation years. 

in the meantime, there's always the cute Ted, the emotionally-crippled Barney, the best-couple-in-the-world Lily and Marshall and the pretty Robin to accompany my day. and working at my sister's Maya Firuzz :)  

p/s: Maya Firuzz's an awesome store in which you can buy blouses, jubahs and tudungs at fabulous prices. do check out the page:) 
p/p/s: & oh, i'm sorry that i haven't upload any blouses or tudungs. i'll try sometime before i'm going back to Besut. i'm only a temp after all.

disclaimer: the photos are not mine. i wish they are but they're not. i took 'em from somewhere. google told me where to find 'em. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

when the moon is out

then it's a lunar eclipse! lunar eclipse is, according to Wikipedia, a phenomenon that occurs when  when the moon passes behind the earth so that the earth blocks the sun's ray from striking the moon. this can only occur when the sun, earth and moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the earth in the middle. hence, a lunar eclipse can only occur the night of a full moon.

for Moslems, we should pray at this time (solat sunat gerhana bulan/matahari). this solat sunat is based on the hadith (from this point onward, i'm gonna speak in malay. sorry for the non-malay speakers. see if google-translate will help) :

 "Sesungguhnya matahari dan bulan merupakan dua tanda daripada tanda-tanda (kebesaran) Allah tidak berlaku gerhana pada kedua-duanya kerana kematian seseorang dan tidak pula kerana kelahirannya. Maka apabila kamu melihat perkara itu maka sembahyanglah dan berdoalah sehingga kembali terang (hilang gerhana) apa dengan kamu." -(riwayat Imam Muslim)

oleh sebab esok insyaAllah gerhana bulan akan berlaku, maka di bawah ini saya salin-dan-tampal daripada laman web Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Terengganu. (terima kasih JHEAT ^-^)


Sunat Muakkad ( مـؤكـدة )

Dua (2) rakaat seperti sembahyang sunat yang lain.  Cuma bezanya sebagaimana yang
masyhur ia mempunyai 2 kali ruku’ dan 2 kali qiam di dalam satu rakaat.  Ianya sunat
ditunaikan secara berjemaah di Masjid/Surau dan boleh juga secara bersendirian.

Solat gerhana matahari dan bulan ini boleh dilakukan dengan 3 cara :
Bagi gerhana matahari, bacaan dalam solat dibaca dengan diperlahankan suara ; adapun bagi
gerhana bulan bacaan hendaklah dibaca dengan diangkat suara seperti mana-mana solat

Cara Pertama : Cara yang paling ringkas.  Iaitu hendaklah ditunaikan dengan dua
rakaat sepertimana solat sunat zuhur atau mana-mana solat sunat.

Cara Kedua : Disebut dengan  “ الكمال أدنى ” iaitu hendaklah ditunaikan dengan
dua rakaat, dengan dua kali qiam dan dua ruku’ pada tiap-tiap satu
rakaat, disertai dengan bacaan al-Fatihah dan surah dalam tiap-tiap
qiam itu.
Bagi kita di Malaysia ini, cara yang kedua inilah yang paling mudah dilaksanakan.  Selepas
takbir, dibaca doa iftitah dan al-Fatihah.  Selepas selesai al-Fatihah, dibaca surah (mana-mana
surah yang mampu).  Kemudian ruku’ dan bangkit semula (qiam kedua).  Di dalam qiam
kedua ini dibaca al-Fatihah dan juga surah.  Kemudian ruku’ semula (dipanggil ruku’ kedua).
Apabila bangkit I’tidal, terus sujud sebanyak dua kali.  Apabila selesai sahaja dari sujud
kedua dan bangkit barulah selesai rakaat yang pertama.  Begitulah caranya bagi rakaat yang

Cara Ketiga : Cara yang paling sempurna.  Caranya adalah seperti juga yang kedua
akan tetapi dalam rakaat yang pertama dan qiam yang pertama
hendaklah dibaca surah al-Baqarah ataupun mana-mana surah yang
sama panjang dengannya.  Di dalam rakaat yang pertama juga tetapi
qiam yang kedua dibaca surah ali-Imran.  Dalam rakaat yang kedua
qiam yang pertama hendaklah dibaca surah al-Nisa’, dan dalam qiam
yang kedua pada rakaat kedua dibaca surah al-Maaidah.
Kemudian hendaklah bertasbih dalam ruku’ yang pertama dengan
kadar bacaan 100 ayat, dalam ruku’ yang kedua 80 ayat, ruku’ ketiga
70 ayat dan ruku’ yang keempat 50 ayat.

Waktu bagi solat gerhana matahari dan bulan ialah bermula dari ketika berlakunya gerhana
sehinggalah selesai.

Tempat Solat
Solat gerhana sunat dilakukan di masjid atau surau atau mana-mana tempat yang biasa
dilakukan solat berjemaah.

1. Disunatkan mandi sebelum solat.
2. Bilal Menyeru :
  "    الص ـل ة ج امـ ع ة   "
3. Berdiri lurus mengadap kiblat.
4. Berniat mengerjakan solat gerhana.

(1) Lafaz niat untuk gerhana bulan
ا ص ل&ى س ن ة خ س و ف ا لق م ر ر ك ـع ت ي ن مـأ م وم ـا ل ل ه
ت ع ـال ى  
“ Sahaja aku solat sunat gerhana bulan dua rakaat makmum kerana Allah

(2) Lafaz niat untuk gerhana matahari
ا ص ل&ى س ن ة ك س و ف الش م س ر ك ـع ت ي ن
مـأ م وم ـا ل ل ه ت ع ـال ى  
“ Sahaja aku solat sunat gerhana matahari dua rakaat makmum kerana Allah

5. Takbiratul Ihram.  Doa Iftitah, Bacaan Al-Fatihah dan Surah.
6. Ruku’ serta tasbihnya dan qiam semula.
7. Baca al-Fatihah dan Surah.
8. Ruku’, I’tidal kemudian sujud 2 kali (seperti biasa).
9. Kemudian qiam semula untuk mengerjakan rakaat kedua.
10. Baca al-Fatihah dan Surah.
11. Ruku’ berserta tasbihnya dan qiam semula.
12. Baca al-Fatihah lagi dan Surah.
13. Kemudian ruku’ I’tidal dan sujud 2 kali, baca tasyahhud akhir dan salam.
14. Selepas itu dibacakan khutbah khas sempena gerhana.  Dua kali khutbah (seperti
khutbah Hari Raya).

1. Makmum yang tertinggal ruku’ yang pertama samada dalam rakaat pertama atau
rakaat kedua, adalah dikira tidak mendapat rakaat itu dan dia hendaklah
menyempurnakan rakaat yang luput itu selepas Imam memberi salam.
2. Maklumat lanjut sila ruju’ kitab Sabilal Muhtadin, karangan Sheikh Mohd Arshad bin
Abdullah Al-Banjari, (Juz. 2 Hal. 58-60).
3. Sembahyang sunat gerhana matahari, segala bacaannya dilakukan dengan suara
perlahan ( سر) , manakala bagi sembahyang sunat gerhana bulan, segala bacaannya
dilakukan dengan suara yang nyaring ( جـهر)

notasaya: kebetulan hari ni baca An-Najm (bintang). esok baca Al-Qamar (bulan) insyaAllah=)
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