Sunday, August 29, 2010

i can't help but to write like i'm posting because i'm a blogger

26th August 2010

Today was no different than any other day in class during Ramadhan. At least, no special event than requires us to dress up and board a bus and go somewhere for dinner (like the TESL night function).

The first subject in the morning was Social Studies lectured by Madam Nor ‘Azah binti Abd. Aziz. She used to give lectures but recently she took a different measure and asked the students to prepare a presentation and give the lectures instead. Smart woman, she is. Anyway, today she gave a briefing first about her oncoming assignment. Our assignment, assigned by her that is. Don’t be confused. After the briefing, the presentations kicked off. I don’t remember all of them but the most vivid image imprinted on my mind is Azmi’s presentation. His presentation (as he explicitly told me beforehand) contained only five slides.

I said to him “tamboh ar se slaid agi tulih ‘Selamat Hari Raya’. jadi mu ada nam slaid.”

Only to his sourly reply “buat doh. limo doh ar tu.”
That left me with no more ideas to give him.

Despite the fact that it was FIVE slides, it was the most entertaining and informative presentation of all (the informative part may still be debatable). He was able to explain and elaborate on his topic (that I still remember – The Distortion of Languages) with calmness and serenity. Like he practiced for it. And the audience was grand. They kept asking questions like there was no tomorrow. Azmi had to answers the bullets-like questions and still got rounds of applauses after that. The others were entertaining too, don’t get me wrong. But torturing Azmi was fun - I was among the questioner:D

After Mdm. Azah’s class, no lecturer came in. We all continued doing our tasks and works and assignments. Some played the Raya songs loudly on their laptops. That’s not weird because this class started to play Raya songs since BEFORE the first Ramadhan. Go figures.

At 1.15pm, I turned my Asus’ screen down and packed up to leave. Some were still in the class, too absorbed in whatever it was they were doing. Suddenly I remembered that I wanted to see Madam Noormah to discuss (or more correctly would be to ask) about the assignment she gave us. She intended it to be submitted by us on the 2nd September 2010. That’s next Thursday. A week is not very long when you have a gigantic task at hand (well some people might not agree with this but let’s leave it alright? Hyperbole is a style of writing).

So I went to see Mdm. Noormah at JBB. She was there, luckily. I stated my purpose then she asked for the collaboration form. I frowned and wonder what that is. My inability to answer that had caused her to give me some instant ‘lectures’. Though I was not sure if I was the one at fault, I accepted it with an open heart. She gave me another round of briefing about the assignment, a few copies of notes and two copies of collaboration form. She asked me to give it to our ‘AJK Fotostat’ which is Taufik, but to contact a boy during weekend is not easy. He is a BOY, after all. I just smiled and I hope she understands. Sunday should work too.

Back in my room, I uploaded the instructions for the assignment which Mdm. Noormah just gave to me on Facebook. Easier for everybody to find rather than paste it in the class like what she actually instructed me to do. But it is Thursday. By the time I went back to the class after the meeting with her, everybody was gone.
Iftar(break-fast) was alone I was, like always. I watched the anime One Piece while eating because while eating I couldn’t very well do my work, could I? My rational. Anyway, for tonight’s ‘moreh’(a small grub for the people who did their ‘terawih’ at the surau, after the ‘terawih’), my class was in charge. Me and Najiah went to the surau after we did our ‘terawih’ together in her room. We were in high spirit to help with the ‘moreh’ but our fellow classmates which were Nadzirah, Syakirah, Izzati, Hidayah and Fadzleen were already doing their part and left us the washing part afterwards. Which was fine.

That’s all for today, journal.

(p/s: this is actually a one-day journal mr. k asked us to write. but i can't help but notice it sounds like my regular posts. with a bit editing for my blog readers..^-^)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

maher zain - always be there

grant me the strength=)

Lyrics: Always Be There
Singer: Maher Zain

Allahu akbar x14 (la ilahaillallah)

If you asked me about love
And what i know about it
My answer would be
It's everything about Allah
The pure love, to our souls
The creator of you and me, the heavens and whole universe
The ONE that made us whole and free
the guardian of HIS true believers

So when the time gets hard
There's no way to turn
As HE promised HE will always be there
To bless us with HIS love and HIS mercy
Coz, as HE promised HE will always be there
HE's always watching us, guiding us
And HE knows what's in our little hearts

So when you lose your way
To Allah you should turn coz'
As HE promised HE will always be there
HE brings ourselves from the darkness into the light
Subhanallah (praises belong to YOU), capable of everything
Shouldn't never feel afraid of anything
As long as we follow HIS guidance all the way
Through our short time we have in this life
Sooner all'll be over
And we'll be in HIS heaven and we'll all be fine

So when the time gets hard
There's no way to turn
As HE promised HE will always be there
To bless us with HIS love and HIS mercy
Coz, as HE promised HE will always be there
HE's always watching us, guiding us
And HE knows what's in our little hearts

So when you lose your way
To Allah you should turn coz
As HE promised HE will always be there

Allahu Akbar x15 (la ilahaillallah)

So when the time gets hard
There's no way to turn
As HE promised HE will always be there
To bless us with HIS love and HIS mercy
Coz, as HE promise HE will always be there
HE's always watching us, guiding us
And HE knows what's in all in our little heart

So when you lose your way
To Allah you should turn coz'
As HE promise HE will always be there...

Allahu Akbar x15 (la ilahaillallah)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dia di tengah jalan (ampun!)

-taking a break from my usual english-based posts-

nampak dia di tengah jalan. sebelah tangannya memegang bekas, sebelah lagi di atas jalan raya. terpaksa berada di atas jalan raya untuk menampung badannya. kaki tidak mampu.

nampak orang yang lalu dan pergi, mujur ada yang menghulur barang sekeping. bulan ini seperti menjelma dan senyum; menunjukkan sekujur jalan yang lurus di hadapan. terus kepada dia.

argh! berat terasa tujuh ringgit di dalam poket. pesanan kakak yang selalu baik hati untuk menganjur halaqah buat kami adik-adik di institusi seperti terngiang-ngiang.

"kita ni, kalau ada dua ringgit tu, beratnyee... nak hulur seringgit. sedangkan Rasulullah, sebiji kurma, separuh pun bagi kepada jiran baginda."

waktu seperti perlahan. berpapasan. itu sahaja.

ampun. aku manusia yang tiada kekuatan itu. berat ujian hari ini. untuk berpisah dengan harta dunia ketidakrelaan, samalah seperti tidak yakin rezeki Tuhan itu sentiasa ada selagi nyawa tidak direnggutNya. Astaghfirullahal'azim.

sewaktu berpapasan itu, aku sama seperti manusia-manusia lain yang mengelak - seolah-olah kau tidak ternampakkan. sekarang bersalah sangat enggan berlalu.

ampunkan hamba ini Tuhan.

blogging in the class~

mr. j's class have always cathes my eyes and ears to focus to the front (the front of the class or just in front of me a.k.a. my laptop? that's still debatable:P) and today was no different.

i was reading the posts of mohd faizal bin musa (penname: faisal tehrani) on his blog when my ears (which were listening to 'the chosen one'-maher zain) suddenly caught the word 'blog' by one of the presenters at the front; Iniyan.

what is one of my class mate doing in front talking about blogging? i took off the earphone and started listening.

ha! blogging is a nice way to keep a student writing. just let loose, he said, and keep writing;)

although i'm not sure if he meant - blogging in the class. haha.

p/s: one of the most inspiring quote; if you stop writing, chances are you are still holding back. (fb style; i liiikee!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

in the border

our plan to have a meeting to discuss our debate strategy for tomorrow's competition was canceled last night.

i texted lee and he called.

"dok guno gok kalo kito jupo sebab kito duo takdop pengalame debate nih," -lee

"tu ah. wehnoo bukang debater dulu?" -me

"wehnoo buke debater."

"wehnoo bukang?"

"wehnoo buke."

noticed how our dialects were different yet we have no problem whatsover to understand each other? that's the beauty of living in the border; we understands both sides of it.

(also, noticed how we both were stubborn not to succumb to another's dialect. although i'm pretty sure both of us can speak that another's dialect.)

p/s: lee is not short for lee chong wei or his fellow chinese men. lee is for saddly.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

in the morning

i suddenly woke up. checked my phone for the time.

'2 new messages. view now?'

yeah. why not.

Zul Fadhlin.

Zul Fadhlin.
"I'm in a pinch right now."

why? what's the pinch? later-lah.

"Beb I mis u.=>"

i miss u too hon;)

then i checked the time. shoot. 6.30am.
'sahur pun terlepas,' in my heart.

then i asked zul what was the pinch. his message;

"I was turned into a phoenix n cant revert back into my human form."

i said,
"A phoenix can text msg? Cool. So r u going to class today?"

he said,
"Yeah..lct class. Next to me is a unicorn n there is a t-rex at the d'pongsu. It appear that transfiguration is a common thing here. But i cant change back. Thats the problem. Humm.."

up to you-lah zul.

enjoying ipgksm n missing kmpp all the while longing for ac's and zul's company=)

photo credit: tq guideportal (

Monday, August 16, 2010

35 things.

want to copy (copycat!-ac) my bff's blog post ( edit a bit and it's my post;)

1. very lazy. sometimes if the wind suddenly blows on a different direction i'll become a bit more (lazier than usual) helpful and do stuff on time.
2. like arts~ (e.g. songs, photographs, good piece of writing, ac's artwork-god i miss those..T.T)
3. like cats.
4. like matching stuff..^-^
5. like my teruntum very much.
6. like movies.
7. like3 anime...(gomu gomu no...pistol!)
8. hate going to the bathroom alone at night. (very the scaredy-cat)
9. cannot cook...T.T (seriously. even simple stuff like 'masak nasi'. 'masak air' can.)
10. envy the people who can cook.
11. forgive easily. forget? not that easily.
12. speaks 2 languages; english and malay (haha! tu pun nak bagitau)
13. loves dancing...(but for my view only)
14. like to publicly speaking & debate (altho i'm not sure if i'm any good:p)
15. hate coakroaches (eventho i always put on the brave face when other girls are already screaming and scrambling on top of people)
16. really hate snakes (but people say when you dream of a snake biting you, someone's going to come and 'masuk meminang' true is this? haha!)
17. like fish (either to eat or to keep as pets~but fish are hard to keep, they die easily:( )
18. like my mother's soup (should already learn it by now...)
19. like babies (the chubbier the better~haha!)
20. believe in love at first sight (altho i never had any)
21. believe men are supposed to protect women (unless for certain reasons) and otherwise, they are not fit to be called men.
22. loves my family very much~no matter how bad things get, there's always that promising silver lining.
23. consider ac as my bff (have no plan to change that & no plan to replace her)
24. consider GP as one of the best thing in my life
25. annoying at times~my new friends in Besut are yet to discover my true annoying-self
26. good in Need 4 Speed, suck in real life.
27. a great 'minah rempit' though. ada bran? (haha!)
28. when Ayah started his 'kuliah', i pretended to be not really interested. but when i'm far away, i actually miss his unpredictable 'kuliah's.
29. consider zul as a twin.
30. always go ga-ga about latest gadjets (but i'm a very responsible spender:P)
31. like to window shopping alone (or at least haven't found one companion of similar taste)
32. an Arsenal fan (an anti Man-U)
33. like going to a movie (alone or otherwise)
34. consider aqim, afif & afifah as my brothers and sister (but i don't think the two latter would remember me~they were so little when we separated)
35. think of love as sacred, but polluted when there are things done in the name of love. not in the name of Allah instead.

there. 35 things.

there are many others but telling them all to the world is not very wise, isn't it? later=)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 Ramadhan

it's the holy month. we should abstain ourselves from talking behind people's back and take care of our senses.

this is the last. i'll try my best.

there were these 'kakak' last night at the 'bilik tv'. mir was all excited about going down to the 'bilik tv' and watched the usual,

"saya, penyimpan mohor besar raja-raja ..,"

but these 'kakak' were very undisturbedly watching some malay drama on astro. it was like they were not even excited about the approaching month among months.

"(mouthing towards them)" -mir

"(nodding, indicating understanding)" -me

it was not a big deal. but we would at least want to hear the announcement since we are all already very far apart from our dearests families. it's the least familiarity of Ramadhan to be grabbed.

i swear i'll try my hardest best that this is the last of such post. at least respect the month, sna. -note to self

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

yesterday, today & tomorrow...


"buleh mati dok eh? dermo daroh?" -azmi

"jangan ngarut ngak." -me

so we went to Bendahara Hall with our heads held high and feet strode fast. oh, at least my feet were. ("semangat dia tu," -samihah)

it was my first time donating blood (tq HUSM..^-^) so naturally i was excited by the prospect. i've wanted to donate since i was 15 i think. but when i voiced it out, Ayah said "dop cukup umur agi. 18 baru buleh," so i waited and waited for this age to come (alhamdulillah...^-^)

after registration ("sijil abis doh," -azmi. "ikhlas doh la azmi..," -me.) and a few minutes waiting, it was my turn to be on the bed.

and it hurts. yes. but it's not as badly as the stomacache i got in standard 4 (appendicitis) or period pain. it's much, much lighter than that but if you are unlucky, the nurse might poke the needle and turn it around a bit because your blood vein is hard to find (like what happened to azmi).

that's that. valuable experience.
(len kali nak derma lagi boleh tak Ma? huhuhu...)


"Tesl ku 1 & 2 to see me and submit ALL week 7 isl at 7.50am tmrrow before i give all stdents E for social studies!! And i really mean it. Including u. Watch out!"

got this message yesterday actually. at 7.57pm. from Mdm. Nor 'Azah bt. Abd. Aziz. she scared me and it made me wonder (right after reading the message) "Joseph didn't got through today huh? (Joseph is our KU a.k.a. ketua unit)"
he was supposed to send the isl at 4.30pm but i think i saw him (hurriedly) went out of the class at about 4.55pm. so, that's the reason behind the message.
forwarded the message to Vejaya (pku tesl 2) and Irah (pku tesl 1) but only irah replied. i've done my part.

as the result, today we were all scolded (again) for our attitude. not complaining, not at all other than yes, we deserved it like (don't want to say it). yes we did.

madam, i'm so sorry. next time, i'll be a better time-watcher (for the KUs and PKUs especially...hehe). and will try to improve on the work too. InsyaAllah. (Allah-willing)


Have a blessed Ramadhan. May Allah grant us all the benefits of this holy month...amin.

Monday, August 9, 2010


The other day at ILIM.

"Rupa macam kueh bakar tapi rasa dia macam akok la pulak."

"Akok la tu."

"Ya ke? Tapi rupa dia macam kueh bakar. Rasa dia macam akok tapi."

"Akok la tu..!" This time she stressed her words, trying to make a point.

"Tapi rupa dia macam kueh bakar..!" I wanted to make my point too.

"Akok..," Jie and her point.

"Awak kenal dop kueh bakar gane?"


That settles that. Today I met the kueh bakar/akok again. I think it's the way Besut-ians make the delicacy. Just combine two in one. Why bother make two types of 'kuih'? When you can just combine them and eat both in one swipe. Happy dining;)

p/s: I think we should call it 'kuih bakok'. Both types of 'kuih' should get the credit.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

a blast ~drama Ihsan

last night i saw one of the greatest production imagineable. at least, so far. i have a feeling it won't stop there.

the preparation though, did not take little time and i lost my patience around the second week of the rehearsal.

okay, let me start over.

i actually managed to ducked out of the range from being involved with the said production at the beginning. me and jie, we both did. however, i don't know what happened but it happened; jie was sucked into the 'black hole' of preparation month.

and mir, my roommate. at first, i thought it's going to be cool (i mean, i'll just wait for the performance night). but i'm actually a lot *small* at heart. can't stand their rehearsal (up until 2am ~ i'm a 'penakut', truth to be told) so i decided to follow them (mir and jie, and sometimes arlong~^-^) one time. my first time showing up was their last rehearsal at dewan al-khindi (smaller hall, that is).

after that, they were doing their rehearsal at dewan bendehara (bIG hall that one). not that it affect me in any way, but after the first time showing up, i can't help it but to keep showing up (and keep helping, without realizing). mir was all happy, of course; now she has someone to accompany her in case jie or arlong decided not to go.

another thing that keeps me coming (aside from the fact that i'm a 'penakut') was the cast. they're sooOOO.... talented. seriously. (especially ayah and mak, hehe;p). it kept me happy just to watch their acting. sounds weird, i know, but it's the truth. and the whole cast made the production a great reality.

the thought to snap some pics last night did not occured to me until the end of the production and all i managed was some pics of one of the aniki (brother~encik usopp) that helped guided us throughout this long, tiring but satisfying journey. arigato gozaimasu:))~~owh, abg sidek too;)

all in all, the drama was fun-eff-tastic. fantastic!

p/s: lain kali nak buat lagi tak cik mir? hehe;p
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