Thursday, November 6, 2008

To leave or not to leave....???

It's tiresome, thinking about this. I'm having some major problem when it comes to adapting myself to something new.
But that's what happen to us, in all our life, right? Adapting one self to new environment is not something no one else has ever done... I've done it myself, several times. Maybe not so much, but I'm like 'been there, done that'. So what is bugging my head?
Too many things, when my money is pouring like pipe water for the cyber cafe, I can't decide where to start.
I love my school, love it so much I'd die for it. No, maybe not die but something close to it. Pass out?
God, help me decide. Too many friends have been saying a lot (about persuading me not to leave of course). Some, who can't reach me by person, even sent me a comment on friendster! How I love them all.
But when something like this happen, something I so terribly despise, should I stay? Or go?? One thing for sure, I'll regret any decision. Any of them. I just can't make up my mind. To just run away from it (coward), maybe I should go. So I can have some peace of mind. I think it's positive I'm leaving. But nothing in my life is for sure (nothing in all of our lives)
My dear, I'm sorry if this is not what you would've hope. Next time, don't leave your diary at the back of the class. The GPs are some good reporters. I think for now, after spending a hell of a good evening with them (and you), it's time for me to leave. If we're meant to be together, we will be. Until then.
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