Monday, April 12, 2010

being a simple human

simple, yes. but perhaps a little bit realization that even a simple human, scratch that, a simple unicellular organism cannot exist without The Almighty wouldn't hurt.

who to blame? nobody. it's all my doing so am taking full responsibility.

i'm a simple human being. rights and wrongs are both my doings. if you ever caught me straying from the right path (Allah forbid), please correct me please do. i'm stubborn, most of the time but i'll take time later to hear and analyze your correction. i do.

i should go. it's Zuhur.

Friday, April 9, 2010

one of my heroes

he doesn't care what anyone else is saying. it's his prerogative.
he proves it on the pitch.
he went all out and grabbed what could've been his, should've been his.
he helped them get to the quarter finals with a hat-trick. not a stunning one perhaps, but a hat-trick nonetheless.
he was there, when all hopes seem faint, they're doomed to end the season without a gleaming spirit-lifter and he delivered just in the nick of time.
he lend a helping pass just when his team mate needed one; just the right amount of shock to lift their hopes and dreams.
he managed to push himself for that extra effort...even if it's just a consolation shot. a shot nonetheless, against a great player of a great club.
what will he do next?
he's nicklas.
one of my heroes these days.
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