Friday, June 29, 2012

it's not my place. but this website is.

oke just wait a minute, wait a minute!

we are twenty, i mean, 20, two-oh years old. wayyyy........too young. aren't we?

well i've read and posted here about people my age getting married and everything. while all is right and well for them, but for you? it's a totally different thing, my friend.

for one thing, you still haven't received an offer from kpt about the whereabouts you'll be heading to come september. for as long as i've known you, you wanted to do something great with your life. and you probably will.


okay i have a little more sense now. i'm not gonna write why i think your choice is stupid, but i'm gonna say that i don't and i mean, CAPITAL, I DON'T think it's a wise move.

but if Allah is on your side, then alhamdulillah. well, He lets it happen. must be a reason. may Allah bless you both until Jannah.

(while writing this, i still am very much in shock. this thing will be fresh in my head for a few days i think.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

kek jagung

i can't translate that. corn cake? maize cake? whichever way you like it ;)

and so Ayah's birthday was coming up so i was thinking i wanna bake for Ayah. problem was, i know he's not big for chocolate cake. and i've only ever baked chocolate cake (and a custard cake one time).

so one day, my cousin came over and brought some corn cobs in case anyone interested to buy some. Ayah bought a bunch and seemed very enthusiastic to eat them. and then it hit me bam! corn-flavoured cake!

so i google-d a "kek jagung kukus" recipe:

1 Cawan Gula Pasir
1 Cawan Margerin
2 Cawan Tepung Gandum
5 Biji Telur – Di Pukul
1 Tin Jagung Manis Berkrim
1 Sudu Besar Baking Powder
- Pewarna Kuning


1. Ayak Tepung Bersama Baking Powder
2.  Kacau Gula Dan Marjerin Sampai Kembang. Kemudian Masukkan Telur.
3.  Masukkan Tepung Bersama Baking Powder Yang Telah Di Ayak.
4. Masukkan Pula Pewarna Kuning Dan Kacau Rata.
5. Akhir Sekali Masukkan Jagung.
6. Sapu Loyang Dengan Marjerin Dan Tuangkan Adunan Kemudian Kukus Hingga Masak.

thank you =)

but i wanna some cheese frosting on it so i google-d the recipe for cheese frosting too.

250gm cream cheese
30gm butter
1 sudu besar perahan lemon @ lime
1 sudu besar esen vanilla
1 sudu besar susu segar
100gm gula ising

1) gunakan electric mixer, mix cream cheese sampai creamy. Masukkan bahan-bahan lain.. butter + perahan limau + esen vanilla + susu segar + gula ising.
there is no step 2. hehe. 

"Selamat Hari lahir Ayah <3"

Ma and Ayah: my heart and soul

the knife broke in half. Ayah was so strong. haha

tasted pretty good. huhu. angkut bakul masuk sendiri. #eh

Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki Ayah. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

visiting my awesome Amni + KL trip

so the point of the trip was to visit Amni, solely on visiting her. (oh, Amni or her full name, Dariah Amni binti Husseini Firdaus is my niece) but since we arrived early Friday morning and both of her parents (my brother and my sister-in-law) are working, we had half a day to spend just wandering around Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Masjid India. oh it didn't go to waste! i bought a lot of things like shawl, kerongsang, kain pasang and the likes (as you might have guess, as preparation for the coming hari raya. haha!)

kain pasang i bought from Jalan TAR (oh no! i didn't bought it. it's an early birthday gift from Kak Long! haha.
sorry >.<)

when my brother joined us after (oh, us is me, Kak Cik and Kak Long) Jumaat, we went to Pavilion, which is an awesome shopping mall but what is more awesome! is the fact that it has a floor that is designed to be Japan-like. they call it Tokyo Street. awesome place!

see the 'sky'? i actually feel like it was real. but of course we were indoors so that is ridiculous =='
Kak Cik + Angah (my brother) a.k.a. Amni's dad

Kak Cik

kami pergi Tokyo! jangan jeles :p
arigato gozaimasu, Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL :)

at the Japan floor, there's a store called Daiso where each item is at RM5! so you see, i'm an easy prey for such marketing technique. "everything's for RM10!" and i just might buy two or three things =='

and so i did at the Daiso store.

that's a nail clipper, an hourglass-like thing (why brain, why??) and a wrist-rest place  for your wrist when using the mouse. pretty cool right?
after that, we were in a bit of a rush to go to the Hentian Putra to collect our bags (we stowed it there before going to my brother's house in Selayang which is about half an hour from Ampang) because we have to go fetch Amni from her nursing house first (all very complicated to explain. i'll spare the details).

however, since we've got a few coupons for Buy1Free1 from JuiceWorks! (see, i'm helpless against wonderful marketing strategy >.<) we went to buy some smoothies! (well, one smoothie. the other one is free ^-^)

the coupon

the bar. err..counter. the juice counter. =='

those 'weeds' were added to the drink. my guess is to help digestion. hew hew.
and no, no picture of the drinks. all finished very quickly before i can snap any. it's sooo good, i suggest anyone who live close to a JuiceWorks! counter (i mean, you know, KL-ites), go get yourself some good smoothies. they're awesome - trust me.

only after the awesome-ness of Pavilion, KL, we went back to Angah's and Kak Siti's home in Selayang. we spent the whole next day playing with the little angel Amni =)

cute little thing, isn't she? except she's not so little now, growing healthily and heartily. oh how we love her! 

okay. that's my KL trip. haha. only one pic of Amni. hey, precious things are not so easy to find now is it? so only one pic. i'll upload some more when she's bigger. until then! :)

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