Wednesday, September 28, 2011


i just changed my blog title a few weeks ago. & i thought the name ping! sounds nice. but i had no idea that the name was already a name of an application that works like WhatsApp Messenger - just a bit different.

but for now i can't benefit much from my WhatsApp Messenger because not everybody's equipped with iPhone or Android phone or a BB or Nokia smartphone. (& to be honest, i don't really know what is the requirement needed to have a WM application on your phone ==')

oke. the similarity between PingMe and WhatsApp is that they allow you to send sms & mms for free. however, PingMe also allows you to update your status (kind of like how you do on Facebook) and it's kind of like a tracking device. when you chat with your friend you can look up their location. i'm not sure how but from the vid, it looks like there's a layout of the location (meaning, a map) and your friend's current position will be marked by his/her name.

i don't know which one i'd prefer more. maybe PingMe, because it doesn't have an expiration date? (you have to pay for WhatsApp after one year. at least, that's what i've heard)

p/s. what i really wanna say is; PingMe, please don't sue me. i use ping! & you use PingMe. we're totally different right?

Monday, September 26, 2011

i do cherish you! i do!

i've been telling sad that i had (or have?) a bff from school, one which i hardly contact now. and i miss her a lot. because whenever something goes wrong (especially if i feel unappreciated at times - by whom i can't say), i can pick up the phone, give her a call and 'get a dose of her' (it's like we are each other's medicine - to be taken regularly).

but a very slight argument that we had on fb kind of drove us apart. i tried, after that, to keep contacting her but then she was busy with her application to pursue degree and i thought i'd give her sometime to - you know, handle that fuss. i know with all the ruckus about forms to fill, signatures to ask, files to be completed, marks to be written down, papers to be copied, it can overwhelm a person. in a bad way. i completely understand that.

but now it's been a while since the ruckus-ness of the enrollment into universities for degree-pursuers calmed down. and i still don't hear anything from her. i see her on fb all the time but i can't muster up the courage (or the not-lazy-ness) to click on her dp and say "hi! what've you been up to? it's been a while hasn't it?"

i'd admit it that she was always the one to call me first or text me first or say hi to me first or just about anything to keep the friendship alive. and sad said, maybe she's tired now to be the one who wants this relationship to stay strong. i mean, any relationship would need both parties to play their part, right? at least, that's what i've heard.

and i sucked at relationships. (i used to think i only sucked at the lovey-dovey relationship between a guy and a gal, but maybe i've broaden the range =,=). but i don't wanna lose her. she's one of the best thing that's ever happen to me. (okay, it sounds veryyyyy cheesy but it's true T_________T)

Saidina Ali said:

orang yang paling jauh bermusafir ialah mereka yang sedang mencari seorang sahabat yang di sukainya

that is true. besut-kl is not a 24-hour journey but i feel like we are light years apart.

i'll contact her. soon. pray for me that she still wants to be my bff. or at least, friend.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


‎- Terbitnya matahari dari Barat ke Timur
- Pintu pengampunan akan ditutup
- Dab'bat al-Ard akan keluar dari tanah dan akan menandai muslim yang sebenar-benarnya
- Kabut selama 40 Hari akan mematikan semua orang beriman sejati sebab mereka tidak perlu mengalami tanda kiamat lainnya
- Sebuah kebakaran besar akan menyebabkan kerosakan
... - Pemusnahan Kaabah
- Tulisan dalam Al-Quran akan lenyap
- Sangkakala akan ditiup pertama kalinya. Binatang dan orang kafir yang tersisa akan mati. Semua gunung dan bangunan akan runtuh
- Tiupan sangkakala yang kedua kalinya akan membangkitkan semua ciptaan Allah dan bertemu di dataran Arafah menuju saat penghakiman mereka dan matahari akan mendekatkan dirinya ke bumi

Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. telah bersabda :
"Barang siapa yang mengingatkan ini kepada orang lain, akan Ku buatkan tempat di syurga baginya pada hari penghakiman kelak".

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

one of the best things about college..?

is to pull an all-nighter? well, i pulled an all-nighter. a second one for this week alone and i have never pulled an all-nighter before this week in my entire life.

and may i say, now i know how much i appreciate my sleep time.

but anyhoo, thanks caffeine. really saved my... everything.

so this morning i was back to emo-mode (meaning: angry & moody. just the light of the party really.) if i don't get enough rest, that'll happen. i think it does that to everybody, amirite people? i just, show it more obviously on my face. huuuu....T_________T

Alhamdulillah though, praise for Allah because i managed to submit both PI's and PP's KKP today. there are three headaches left. come sunday it'll be LDEV, tuesday'll be SS and LS on the 2nd of October.

Wish me the best of luck. i find blogging as one of the ways for me to keep myself sane.

Therefore be patient; surely the promise of Allah is true; and ask protection for your fault and sing the praise of your Lord in the evening and in the morning.
 - Q40 : 55

sincerely rest-deprived, 
me (x_____x).

Monday, September 19, 2011

i love my printer

and no, i don't have some kind of a weird fetish towards machine. please don't misunderstand me=='

i'm suppose to send my Kerja Kursus Pendek for agama today. but after tens of pages of me & a few of my friends', Pixma decided that today is the right day to make me miss my due date. and i have another KKP due tomorrow and that KKP is not date-negotiable. like this one! hah! ottoke...>.<

i guess i'll try it one more time. my hand already looks like i just repaired a rantai basikal. Pixma darling, i'm sorry that the boiling water from the rice cooker hits you sorely on your body. i will make it up to you later. okay? i promise.

okay. here i go. Allah help me.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

malu lahh~

sempena Minggu Penghayatan & Kefahaman Islam (MPKI) tahun ini, ada pertandingan nasyid merentas semester (alamak, macam peliklah bunyinya. maksudnya semester ini lawan semester itu. yaa...faham tak? takpelah =,=). baru-baru ini sudah dianjurkan nasyid muslimah (di mana kaum muslimin tidak dibenarkan hadir kerana suara perempuan itu aurat. yeah!) dan pada malam ini nasyid muslimin akan mengambil tempat di Dewan al-Khindi. yg ni kaum Hawa macam diriku boleh la pegi tengok kalau nak.

tapi saya amat mengantuk sekarang. semalam saya tidak tidur daripada pukul 2.30am. kerana menyiapkan assignment LDES. penat masih terasa & mengantuk masih bergayutan di kelopak mata (macam syaitan pulak masa kita nak bangun Subuh tu kan? seram2 >.<) 

+, masa nasyid ladies tempoh hari, saya dengan kejamnya (ye, ye, saya minta maaf saya tak pergi support kalian T________T) tidak turun ke dewan. apakahh maknanya jika saya turun pula utk support team gents? 

seperti yg saya kata kepada SenaMaths;

Tak tengok nasyid muslimah tak apa. Bukan nak cari calon isteri.

sekian. berbunyi merenyam tetapi itulah hakikatnya. XD

Sleepless in Seattle

i've never seen the movie and so please stop reading here if you've arrived here because you wanted to read a review of the movie. although, now my life sounds like the movie. meaning: sleepless.

don't get me wrong. i'm not insomniac or something. i'm just overwhelmed with work that i am not burning a midnight oil - more like burning the money of the citizens of Malaysia to keep my room lighted, my computer and printer on & the water heater to boil the water for my not-sleeping drug a.k.a. coffee. thank you Malaysians! (bowing slightly)

it's 6.18am and i haven't slept all night and i have never done this before. i mean, the most late i have ever went to bed at was 5.30am and i still managed to get one hour (before i have to get up for Subuh & class). now i just plan to print my work, izzatiisa's work and get to the bathroom. there's a rumour our Director could be coming to the morning assembly so i'm pretty much dead if i don't go to shower now. later, ;)
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