Thursday, December 30, 2010

no matter

it does not matter if u have a fever,

or a headache,

or even, facing both traumatic diarrhea and extreme vomiting,

u have just got to put on a brave face of pink healthiness and watch the game. it was worth it.

(i know, i know. i should've post this before the game. but what can i do? i was all of the above. except maybe i am still in the 'am' tense, not 'was' tense.)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

add some spice, don't despise;)

it is really, really GOOD. for those of us who need a few shots of laughter in our lives, this movie is for you.

so hurry and go to the nearest dvd store, borrow from a friend or just download from the internet by torrent. make sure it had DvDRip at the tail of the title. not that i download movies using torrent. that would be mean. i support our filming industries. that dvdrip stuff just a tip i received from a friend. oh, another tip; avoid using broadband modem when downloading movies. it'll just drive ur modem nuts later. no, not crazy. just going at snail-speed. not that the broadband-speed at the campus was not already slow. try use streamyx. home-line. that's better.

p/s: i really like those minions. they're (and i am not a girl who usually tries to always be in touch with her feminine sides) VERY cute. i also like the girls; margo, edith and agnes. especially edith. and steve carell accent. some quirks are just worth mentioning.
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