Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Friend.

I have a good friend.

He helped me when I lost my job as the General Manager of a prestigious tower in Malaysia. He took me to be his right-hand man at the headquarters of the chain of banks which his family owes. He saved my children from starvation. I was able to carry on with my high-end lifestyle. My wife got to keep her Toyota Estima and I got to still own my second and third ‘wives’: Mitsubishi Evolution and BMW X5. My kids did not have to sacrifice their RM100-a-week allowance. I was relief and grateful.

I have a great friend.

He gave me the most glorious projects to be under my surveillance. He knows my best interest is in architecture, thus most of his banks were renovated when I gave the order. Such a friend, he is, to have his full trust on me. Surely all of the banks were in greater shape after being redone. He did not take me as an employee just because I had lost my job; he really did saw my potential. I have been blessed with a friend like him.

I have a generous friend.

One of my children had to go under a heart surgery last year. I was able to pay for it, of course but I cannot spend enough time with him due to my massive workload. I did not dare to ask my boss, that friend of mine as he seems so tense and kept pushing me to get my work done in time. He had done so much for me so I kept silent when my wife nagged me about leaving her alone in the hospital to wait for our sick child. However, my boss cum my friend unexpectedly gave me a week paid leave when he found out about my boy’s condition. He was generous to have given me that leave even though there were deadlines for me to meet. He was okay with it.


I have an understanding friend.

He asked me to accompany one of his best price-negotiator to talk about the seemingly too high price given from a construction company for them to built a building for the bank over in Sarawak. I was supposed to help give the negotiator the most reasonable price base on the design aspect of the building. Instead, I end up making the price of the building ended higher than earlier given. He was calm and collected when he received the news. He even joked that even his best negotiator lose to me but he did give a reminder that I do not do that again. I know he was upset but he was just being his understanding self.

I have a friend indeed.

When we were both in college, he was a dependable friend. Sometimes I lost track of my works while some others were still pouring in. He, who was also my roommate, was always there to help me organize and get my work neatly in line. He was my right-hand man back in college, while he had his own assignments to finish, classes to attend, projects to be done and life to get on with! Between all those more demandingly matters, he managed to squeeze time for me. I felt like a well-organized man; while I have him as the ‘woman behind a man’s success’.

He sounds great, does he not? He is. He was the one who introduced me to my wife. She was an acquaintance of his sister. All of the favors he gave me make me sounds like one lazy, good-for-nothing guy. There are sides of my life that does not involve him as the helper, but it is not relevance with the topic given now is it?

There is one more thing about him; he does not exist.         




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