Monday, September 16, 2013

the enjoyment of being alone and the blissful comfort of company

last weekend, my room-mate decided to up-and-leave with less than 12-hour notice. it's not that we have some kind of agreement that we would not leave unless we give each other 12-hour notice but things have run that way that i grew comfortable with the system. leave (i.e. going home) is always an exciting anticipation so we would tell each other of any plans of leaving at least a few days before Thursday (Terengganu, Kelantan & Kedah's weekend is Friday & Saturday). so i was a little bit shocked that Thursday evening when she told me she was leaving for Kuala Lumpur on Thursday night. and it's going to be a public holiday (Hari Malaysia) on Monday (today) so she's skipping Sunday's class and coming back here on Monday.

i don't hate her for leaving. she told me she was missing home and i went home last weekend so this weekend it's her turn to be at home and with family. but her leaving gives me four straight days without a room-mate. i like having the room for myself, obviously. sometimes you'd prefer it if company would just leave you alone. but i like my room-mate. there are hardly times when i feel like keeping my distance from her. she's quiet, clean, not a keeping-her-stuff-in-order person per se but it's okay because i'm worse and she's a pretty good listener. chatty at times but so am i, so give-and-take exists in our co-habitual relationship.

okay i hate her leaving a little bit. everyone else left during the weekend. and suddenly, my room-mate too.

but i had a productive weekend. swept my room, straightening out stuff, fold my clothes, wash new batch, cooked rice (had a stomachache a little but it's bearable) and did some progress on my assignments. all in all, not talking to anyone all weekend (except two times when my mother called and Athirah came to my room for a little while and text messages from various people) is a good thing. i got a lot of things done. and i can sing whenever i want (except i don't feel like singing when my room-mate's not around. ironic).

Saturday loomed to an end and Sunday came. Sunday brought school (i mean class) and Adam. after spending the day in class with non-existent Sir Yahya and infuriating EDU class, i went to my room. but afterwards, Adam called and asked me to go out with him and Afiq by Afiq's car. what he conveniently dropped out of the conversation was that Afiq's girlfriend would be with us. so there we were, four people in Afiq's car and i didn't say a word to Afiq's girlfriend (she doesn't go here so that was my first time meeting her). i felt like a snobbish but in my defense, it took me a year to grow comfortable talking to all 17 of my classmates (with names i don't exactly got it all correct). don't expect me to talk to you the first time we met - unless you started it. don't exactly like all kinds but some are a blissful comfort. like Adam. he's like a shot of peace. curing me from the deprivation of friends i had all weekend.

there you have it. i like and dislike being alone and being with company. but i like it. i think that makes me a balance person. i'll take my leave now.            
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