Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red Kebayas

was out today. but all of us did not manage to find that right 'red kebaya' for ourselves. (don't get me wrong - it doesn't have to be a kebaya~wow, but it must be red)


stopped at Masjid Jertih. mir, shim and irah need to perform their obligations.

(on the staircase)

me: jie. like'im so much.
jie: who? a?
me: u're good. *sigh*
jie: that i am. haha:D
me: u know y?
jie: how should i know?
me: i can tell.
jie: oh. that's y.

(on the road)

me: *hugs*
jie: y?
me: i'm so glad that's out of my chest!;)
me: i've always been like this. adamant not to speak freely anymore, at least not to everyone.
jie: mir?
me: will tell. just give me some more time.
jie: just to make sure of it. :)
me: XD

fooled around until it's dark. the 'pak guard' sternly reminded me,

"Teksi sini jah. Tokleh masuk."

*sigh*. walking then. later.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was poisoned today,
by food.

Monday, July 19, 2010

my name is husna

i watched My Name Is Khan a few days ago. got it from a friend here in ipg. a little bit thrilled at first because i've read reviews saying the film was not very good and controversial. the synopsis told me otherwise.

this karan johar production used shah rukh khan and kajol (again) as the hero and heroine. eventhough the pair is almost cliche (being this movie was under the direction of karan), i found it very interesting and enthralling even, given the new script and fresh environment.

don't expect the usual hindi dances, please. this film is like no other.

in this movie, srk played a very convincing autism sufferer. however, the condition never stopped him from achieving what could be achieved by an autisme patient. he's perfect physically but autism is a disorder of neutral development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. (source: wikipedia)

despite the condition, rizvan khan (srk) found love in the arms of a lovely hair artist, mandira (kajol). they were perfecting each other and their love was beautiful because mandira did not (almost cannot) see rizvan's deficiency as she was blinded by the glow from his pure heart.

it's a love story. the political aspect and current (at the time the film was made) issue in the movie was merely one of the obstacles a couple of lovers will find when their love is blessed;)

image from:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

love gone wrong!

this post, i can say it first and foremost, doesn't have anything to do with the title. well, that'll be lying. it has something to do with the post but i'll not be telling so it'll be like it has no link at all. capishe?


went to KT again (that's Kuala Terengganu) last Friday to cheer out for our IPG which manage to win the state level of 'Pengisahan Kenegaraan' and represented Terengganu for the national level competition. this event was under the Kementerian Penerangan. the ministry was generous enough to give us mineral water, 'keropok', 'kuih bepang' broschures and a key-chain as door gifts, other than provided us with breakfast and lunch as well. thank you Kementerian Penerangan...^-^ (Mira was all "Eee...banyak hadiah...suke! suke! lain kali boleh ajak lagi...:D")

the event took place at the Wisma Darul Iman. never thought the said Wisma is so huge and modern and elegant. i almost confused myself for being at the PWTC. okay, okay, maybe WDI was not THAT big but yes, i could see similarities.

after the competition, we had to wait...

pretty boringly...=.=

after waited for some time in the Wisma building (for apparently nothing), we walked to the Dataran Syahbandar where i met the most cute (and chubby for his age) little baby boy.

goes by the name haziq. doesn't matter what his name is right? like roses, given any name smell the same~~(the quote is from someone, but i can't remember who...^o^)

afterwards, we went to the Taman Tamadun Islam. for sure i want to perform prayer(s) in the infamous Masjid Kristal.
and the masjid was AWESOME! architecturically speaking. the artful way the masjid was built was just mind-blowing. however...
the masjid was not very comfortable to be used. especially for muslimat. the ablution place was far from the solat hall. one has to cross a field, which was not too big i might mention, but was crowded with 'tourists'. i mean, yes the masjid is eye-catching but do you guys have to be in front of the solat hall??
but the masjid was jaw-droppingly beautiful. trust me. go and check it out (and perform prayers too, for muslims). you won't regret it;)

note: Terengganu is at the fourth place for the Pengisahan Kenegaraan. fyi.

Friday, July 16, 2010

out again!

(the blurry image at the back would be the Perhentian Island. image taken at Kuala Besut)

was out again today! today's destination should have been the night market at Tok Bali, but since i was fasting today, K.Ada stopped by the Kuala Besut jetty for me to break fast. (and i can say this; i've found better nasi goreng kampung somewhere else).

anyway, Kuala Besut was not our intended place-to-go. so after my break fast, we went to a masjid (somewhere in Pasir Putih already), performed Maghrib and went straight to Tok Bali night market.

the night market? stocked! although K.Ada said "Itu tak penuh lagi...sikit je orang tu..." i decided i don't want to be there when it IS busy.

shockingly, i was attracted today to a section which sold 'kain pasang'. normally that wouldn't be me. that'll be kak long @ kak lang. but today it was me. (guess i'm normal after all;D) after not-so-much consideration, i bought one 'kain pasang'. Ma said "Kalau dah suka, beli ajalah." so i bought it. K.Ada bought one too so i blame her (being that she bought it first) for being an influence~~

i'll upload the photo of the said 'kain pasang' when it's a 'baju kurung' alright? later. Salam.

note: thanks to K.Ada (and K.Syiqin, and K.Ira)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Kak, perumah untuk mangga ada tak?"

Went to the Econjaya supermarket today. Asked a salesgirl (who was busy pasting the price stickers) for a 'perumah'.

"Kak, perumah untuk mangga ada tak?" Asked her with all the standard-ness of the Malay language that I could muster.

The salesgirl looked numb. Maybe I wasn't clear enough.

"Perumah. Untuk pasang mangga. Kat 'locker'." Can't help it. Had to tell the truth, with a hope that she'll understand me better.

No such luck. "Emmm... mangga? Kat depan sana," she pointed to the front of the store.

Duh. Of course I've been to the front of the store. There were only the locks, no 'perumah'. However, being an easy customer, I nodded (with an uncertain glances between her and the front of the store) and went.

As I found it before the salesgirl pointed it for me, there were only locks. Frustration was seeping. I looked around and found an old chinese man doing something with hardware stuff (probably locks too since he was near the locks' counter) and said;

"Err... perumah untuk mangga ada tak? (Again with the question. Persistent, yes, that's me.)"

To my horror, that old chinese man also became numb when I asked. Was it my question, or was it me?

"Bila nak pakai mangga kan, u kena ada perumah dia kan?" I surrendered to my teaching nature. lol=D

Then only he understood me. He pointed to me the right direction and that's how I got my black-coloured 'perumah'. Quite a story right? Hahaha...

One question though; Why Chinese are a better bussinessman? Or salesman, for the matter. Another recent example would be Ron the notebook salesman.
...maybe I should ask Ron.

the said 'perumah'

Monday, July 12, 2010


Pernahkah kau mendengar?
Ujian datang sebagai tanda cinta Tuhan kepada hambaNya.
KerjaNya yang indah,
Seni tertinggi.
Hanya mampu dicapai ubun-ubun hambaNya yang tunduk
Dan percaya;
Tuhan lebih menyayangi dia.

nota: Takziah untuk Farah Farhanah binti Mansor & keluarga. Semoga tabah menghadapi pemergian arwah.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome to IPG Kampus Sultan Mizan~~

it was tough, but something that u don't like at first always turns out to be the one that sticks with u. and u'll like it then;)

don't wanna say much about orientation week. it was tough experience (which is always good for me, but i won't like it much) and a smelly one, i'll give u that.

but that trip to the beach....WOW! hahahaha...i grew up by the beach so to be soaked in
that salty water...except that seniors were watching us. senior laki, mind u. don't wanna say they were stupid, but they should've asked senior perempuan watch over us junior perempuan..duh...
anyhow, the trip was fun. the facis were fantastic. some are gruesome, but not all of them. the human-based sandcastle was...something i haven't seen before. maybe i should ask for pics for the seniors. we'll see.

all in all, i haven't go out to know besut a little bit better. let's see next week. until then, good luck spain;)
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