Tuesday, November 20, 2012

puding gula hangus @ caramel pudding

okay i'm not sure if in english people call it caramel pudding, but whatever right? oh, i read in youtube it's probably similar to creme brulee, except for the blowtorch-ing part.

so i have this friend who has been bugging me to learn to cook. i admit i am lacking in that department (and still am) but i want to. it just doesn't happen yet. teheee :p

meanwhile, that friend asked me to bake (well, not exactly a cake, so 'make' is probably more suitable) a 'puding gula hangus' or 'puding karamel'. i have never, but it is a pudding so how hard can it be? (stuck-up much? =___=) so i googled a recipe for it & here it is.

(thank you, Alia@myresipi  http://www.kongsiresepi.com/read/60/0/)

- 400ml fresh milk/evaporated milk
- 5 tbsp fine sugar
- 3 eggs
- 2 egg yolks (but you know what, i wanna use 4 whole eggs and i may if i please :D)
- 2-3 drops of vanilla essence
(for the caramel)
- 5 tbsp sugar
- 2 tbsp water

(prepare the caramel)
- put the sugar inside a pot with 1 tbsp of water. cook with moderate heat until it turns brown-ish. pour another tbsp of water. brown it up and pour inside a container of which you will steam the pudding later.
(the pudding)
- pour the eggs inside a bowl and while stirring the eggs, slowly pour the fine sugar. stir to perfection. try to avoid bubbles.
- in another pot, pour the milk together with the vanilla essence. cook on low heat up until 60 degree-ish. don't let it boil.
- slowly pour the moderately-hot milk inside the bowl of eggs mixture. stir.
- pour inside the container which contains the caramel of earlier.
- steam for about 30 minutes. let cool. in the fridge of you please.
- voila!

before upside-down, after steamed :)

upside-down and marvelous-looking :D

potong sikit -___-

that's it. now i'm gonna enjoy the pudding :)


tun_telani said...

weee~~~~~~~~ shedappp!!! welcome back dear.. been busy? :)

Husna Mohamed said...

hehe. thank you.
not so busy. i just have no idea nak post apa. huhuuu~~ :D

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